Aragonés takes his proclamation to the Senate: "The amnesty is the starting point; destiny is to vote for independence"

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The president of the Generalitat Pere Aragonés has assured before the General Commission of the Autonomous Communities that the amnesty being negotiated with the PSOE is “only the starting point” and has added: “the destiny is that the citizens of Catalonia vote on the independence”. According to Aragonés, this vote must be done “in a recognized and agreed manner.”

The president has been very brief; He has consumed less than the ten minutes he had available. In his speech he reproached the PP for having been called to a debate in which many voices will be heard, all against the amnesty, instead of debating the problems that really affect Catalans. There he has cited the lack of investments and deficient regional financing.

Aragonés has assured in his speech that the amnesty that is now being negotiated with Pedro Sánchez is essential but it is “only the starting point”, a beginning that must lead to a negotiation that will bear fruit in agreements that will have to be voted on by the Catalans. And he added: “The destiny is that the citizens of Catalonia vote on independence.”

The president of the Generalitat has referred in his brief speech to other amnesties approved in Spain to emphasize that it is a democratic figure that does have a place in the Spanish legal framework. Aragonès then left the Plenary Hall and the Senate headquarters.

Following him, the president of Galicia, Alfonso Rueda, has emphasized that at the moment “we are risking the future of Spain” in dark negotiations about which nothing is known, “almost clandestinely”, in which he has even said, “a mutualization of supposed historical debts” is emerging. Rueda has described Sánchez’s desire to “twist the Constitution” as “scandalous.” “From Galicia,” he added, “we will defend responsible autonomy, a Spain in which we all fit. We must move forward in harmony and for that we need multilateralism.”

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