are elected members of the majority ready to sponsor opposition candidates?

Published on : 13/01/2021 – 02:53

After the publication of the electoral calendar which fixes the first round of the presidential election on April 11, the first withdrawals of the sponsorship form began on Tuesday January 12. The new electoral law initiated by Patrice Talon requires for any candidate in the presidential election, 16 sponsorships of deputy or mayor. No other candidate than him is able to bring them together. However, he promised an open ballot. So will the elected representatives of the majority sponsor the opposition candidates?

With our correspondent in Cotonou, Jean-Luc Aplogan

For this first day, the electoral commission saw 21 deputies and mayors of the Talon camp. It is a white sheet, in A4 format, bearing the title, “Nominative sponsorship form”. On the front, ten lines to fill in, in particular the names and the party of the sponsor and the name of the candidate supported.

16 sponsorships are required per declared candidate. Patrice Talon will bring them together easily, his majority has more than 150 elected out of 159. He is the only one who can fulfill this condition. The opposition, which demands open competition, fears a single candidate as the choice offered to voters on April 11, despite the promise of an inclusive ballot made by the head of state of Benin.

Are the elected members of the majority ready to sponsor opposition candidates? Response from Abdoulaye Gounou, president of the Republican Bloc parliamentary group of the majority: ” The head of state only needs 16 at most, the rest would be for what? As for me, I am ready to give my vote to an opposition candidate as long as the social project he presents is attractive. »

The Progressive Union, the second major pro-Talon party, will say what it will do on Saturday during a meeting of its political bureau. ” We must both safeguard political pluralism and respect individual choices », summarizes one of its senior officials.

For us, it is very clear, there is no possibility of having elections under the current conditions. With current laws. So that the Cena has published an electoral calendar, we are not informed. We haven’t seen an electoral calendar, it doesn’t matter. We reject en bloc the electoral code, because it is exclusive, which does not allow the free expression and participation of political parties.

Donklam Abalo, spokesperson for the Social and Liberal Union of Sébastien Ajavon


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