Are green mortgages worth it to buy sustainable homes?

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Banks have recovered interest in green mortgages. In June, bank launched a new exclusive mortgage loan to acquire sustainable homes, while Unicaja did the same in July and cajamar in August. Thus, these three entities join the club of finance companies that sell specific loans to buy houses and flats with an energy rating of B or higher, made up of BBVA, Banco Santander, Bankinter, Banco Mediolanum, Triodos Bank, Ibercaja and

Butthese green mortgages are really worth it? Or are they a simple operation of greenwashing from the bank? According to the financial comparator, the vast majority of These entities do offer better conditions to the customer who buys an ecological home, but your green home loans are not necessarily better than those marketed by other banks to acquire houses and flats with a worse energy rating.

A study prepared by HelpMyCash analysts reveals that, in general, green mortgages of the mentioned banks they are cheaper than conventional mortgage loans from those same entities. They have a slightly lower interest rate, fewer commissions, fewer bonus requirements…

According to the study, if a customer buys a green home with one of these green mortgages, they can save about 2,375 euros on average in interest, fees and other expenses, compared to what you would pay if you financed the transaction with conventional mortgage loans from these environmentally conscious banks.

Yes indeed, the savings may be less or more depending on the bank with which the operation is financed. For example, the only difference between Bankinter’s Efficient House Mortgage and the other mortgage loans from this bank is that the first does not have an opening commission, while the rest do include a charge of 500 euros for this concept. Consequently, the client can save, in this case, 500 euros.

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