Are Harry and Meghan lying about book cooperation? | Entertainment

The couple would only have helped the authors by opening the door wide open to friends and acquaintances, so that they could tell about all the suffering caused to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in recent years: by the royal family – with William‘s wife Catherine first, by the court and of course by the hostile and racist British media towards Meghan. At least, that was the couple’s line.

The book, which had already been extensively promoted in advance in recent weeks, had to, it became clear in the run-up, to put the couple who left the royal straitjacket in March in a good light again in the eyes of a world audience. In that respect there are many parallels with the controversial book Diana, her true story of the journalist Andrew Morton, which was given a new title immediately after her death in 1997: “Diana, her own words.” Diana had always denied all cooperation with the book, but she was not dead yet when Morton revealed that she herself was its source.


Prince Harry was very young at the time, but he may have heard about the matter later and learned that it is unwise to hand in cassette tapes to biographers. Not even if they’re friendly royalty reporters like Carolyn Durrand and Omid Scobie. But few of their colleagues believe that Harry and Meghan have done nothing more than hand over their phone book. How else can a conversation between Harry and brother William be portrayed, the dismissal of a ‘nanny’ after two nights of work revealed or the name of the dog suddenly revealed after two years?

The authors occasionally know exactly what Meghan and Harry thought and how they acted. Information that is not contested by the couple while in recent months one publication after another has been challenged by the Sussexes for invasion of their privacy. They only mind that if they don’t like the revelation, was the conclusion of a critical observer. However, whether the couple’s cooperation can actually be proven remains to be seen.

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