Are my bookmarks still valid?

Over time, a lot of browser bookmarks accumulate and you don’t know whether they are still valid or not. Checking them all by hand is tedious. There is a tool to check if the bookmarks are still valid and if you have any duplicate.

A small, free tool called AM-Deadlink checks your bookmarks to see if they are still valid and if you have duplicate bookmarks. It’s in English but not very difficult to use. According to the provider, it works in the browsers Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera and Vivaldi. We tested the current version again under Firefox.

After installation, select the browser whose bookmarks you want to check from the drop-down menu at the top left. The bookmarks are temporarily imported into the Checktool in a matter of seconds. click on Checkto check the bookmarks.

AM Deadlink checks the links in your browser bookmarks to see if they are still valid


The tool now shows you which of the bookmarks are still correct (status: OK), which cannot be reached (status: error) and which are still OK after being redirected (status: redirected, OK).

Important to know: The tool only checks whether a page actually appears at the web address. It can’t tell if it’s still showing the content you wanted to bookmark back then. For example, on pages with “redirected” status, it may be that the website operator has not only redirected the link to a new page, but that the linked article may have disappeared and the tool has merely been redirected to the website operator’s homepage.

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It is therefore advisable to check not only those with an “error” status in the affected web browser later, but also those that have been redirected. A redirect can be temporary; it may not work the next time the website is redesigned.

AM Deadlink can only tell you which links to check. It cannot remove invalid links from your bookmarks because it does not have write access to your actual bookmark files.

Check duplicates: Another function is the check for duplicates. Have you “bookmarked” the same website several times in different folders? To do this, use the menu Tools the point Find Duplicates.

Correct bookmarks

Proceed as follows to change or delete a bookmark: Has AM-Deadlink indicated a bookmark as faulty or redirected? Open the affected browser and in it the bookmark management, often using Ctrl+Shift+O (with «O» as in «Otto») can be reached. Place the bookmark manager and the AM deadlink window side by side on your screen. In AM-Deadlink, right-click on the faulty bookmark or the bookmark that needs to be corrected. In the context menu, choose Copy URL to clipboard. Switch to the window with your browser bookmark management and paste the copied link Ctrl+V into the search field there and press Enter. Now you can go to the bookmark and see where you land. If the link has changed, it is best to copy the new address from the address line and adapt the bookmark to this address. If the page has completely disappeared or is now useless to you, it can be deleted in the bookmark management.

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Note: If AM-Deadlink only shows you a handful of bookmarks for Firefox, for example, it is possible that there are several Firefox profiles. In this case, go to AM Deadlink File/Open file. Navigate to the folder in which the Firefox profiles are normally located. This is for example C:UsersIhrNameAppDataRoamingMozillaFirefoxProfiles. There you grab that places.sqlite-File from the folder that bears the newer date.

(Origin 02/06/2007, last update 10/19/2021)

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