Are relations with Venezuela cold?

The new government of Luis Abinader has not only shown signs of a change of direction in the diplomatic and commercial relations that are maintained with the People’s Republic of China and the United States. It has also been notorious, with the latest resignations and appointments of the president, that ties with Venezuela have changed.

This week, Luis Abinader dismissed Mildred Guzmán Madera, who was the Dominican ambassador to Venezuela since 2018. President Abinader also dismissed who was minister counselor, the second most important position within the legation, and for this position he rose to Xerxes Fleming Suriel Mota, in an interim condition to replace Rafael Villalona Martínez. Suriel Mota has been an advisor to the embassies of Argentina and Colombia.

The Dominican President and the Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo, ratified the “shared objective” by both countries to achieve a “peaceful transition to democracy in Venezuela”, in the first meeting they held after the president’s inauguration. Dominican, on August 16.

At that meeting between Abinader and Pompeo, they discussed “efforts toward the shared goal of a peaceful transition to democracy in Venezuela,” according to the deputy spokesperson for the State Department, Cale Brown, in a statement.

On several occasions, Abinader made it clear that his foreign policy with the United States is “special” and his priority is to have strategic alliances with the world’s leading power, which represents the largest trade partner for both imports and exports of the Dominican Republic.

And the position of the United States on Venezuela is very clear. “Maduro has to go,” said the United States Foreign Minister on Friday on a tour of South America with the mission of joining forces against the Venezuelan regime.

“We know two things: that the Maduro regime has decimated the people and that Maduro himself is a drug trafficker,” Pompeo was quoted as saying by Argentina’s Clarín newspaper.

One of the main interests of the United States, and the government of Donald Trump has made it clear, is for democracy to be resumed in Venezuela, this nation being one of many that recognized Juan Guaidó, an opponent of the Nicolás regime, as president. Mature.

Trump, in addition to supporting Guaidó, imposed sanctions on Venezuela that still continue. Although the Dominican Republic also recognized Guaidó as president, it has always expressed interest in that South American country solving its internal problems, with the Dominican Republic being the venue for two dialogues between the Maduro government and the opposition. They both failed.

So far the president has not expressed himself about the exact position that the country will maintain with Venezuela. Eusebio Carlino Linares, who was appointed by Guaidó as Venezuela’s ambassador to the country, attended the inauguration of Luis Abinader on August 16. “# 16Ago Today, I am present on behalf of the legitimate government of Venezuela headed by @jguaido and the legitimate National Assembly at the presidential inauguration of His Excellency Mr. Luis Abinader,” Carlino Linares wrote along with a photo in the National Palace on his Twitter account.

United States and the DR “Our main trading partner is the United States, our main source of tourists is the United States; we have to have that special relationship and alliance with the United States, “said in an interview at the beginning of August with journalist José Monegro, director of the newspaper El Día.

This argument was repeated again in an interview with Camilo Egaña from CNN and in which he assured that “we have and we will continue to have a very special relationship with the United States both in economic aspects, as well as in what it has to do. to do with the defense of democracy in the region ”.

The changes in relations with China, the country’s trading partner since 2018 when Danilo Medina’s government broke ties with Taiwan, have also shown signs that they will not follow the same direction that the former president began.

Conditioned relationships

Despite indicating that relations with China will continue, Abinader clarified that in terms of investments, Chinese companies could carry them out in areas that are not strategic for security. “Diplomatic relations were established with China, these diplomatic relations are present and will be maintained,” he said in an interview with CNN.


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