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Are there more games for children or adults? This has been the last year

He público target of the video game it is a deeper issue than it appears.

For example, for those who are not familiar with the environment, they are aimed at young consumers. But the truth is that video game appeal to an audience spanning a wide age range.

Average age and other fun facts about gamers

We have already told you about the different ages in which the gamer audience and the different interests that characterize each one.

Under this logic, developers and publishers know that they have to constantly launch games to cater to players of all ages, with the aim that, on the one hand, they remain tied to their passion, and on the other they continue to be consumers who keep money circulating.

Given that there are players of all ages, the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) grants classification to all the games that reach the market, so that in their covers (in physical format) and cards (in digital format) it is possible to consult which audience each one is aimed at.

Currently exist five classifications to inform which audience the games are aimed at: E (Everyone, which is for titles with content for users of all ages), E10 + (Everyone 10+, which is for titles whose content is recommended for players 10 years and older), T (Teen, which is for titles whose content is recommended for players 13 years and older), M (Mature, which is for titles whose content is recommended for players 17 years and older) and TO (Adults Only, which is for titles whose content should only be consumed by players 18 years and older).

If you were wondering if more games are made for children, adolescents or adults, the Entertainment Software Association published his report ‘2020 Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry’, from which it can be inferred that during 2019 the ESRB granted classification to a total of 4,034 games, between physical and digital.

He 45% of those titles it received a Everyone rating; 14% recibió Everyone 10+; 28% received Teen and 13% Mature.

As you can see, in short games for all ages dominate and curiously those who are aimed at mature audiences are a minority.


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