Are you crazy! Franco Armani and a hilarious post on his birthday

Franco Armani He celebrated his birthday and surprised all the River fans with an incredible cake. The Millionaire archer celebrated his 34 years with his partner in Buenos Aires and shared an image of the celebration on social networks. The player had to spend his day in training at River Camp, where they prepared a celebration cake. But his day was Saturday night as a family.

The footballer shared the image on his networks and the cake revealed to football fans. The incredible design of a hand catching the ball in golden color drove fans of River. The goalkeeper wanted to keep the essence of his football world on his birthday and he succeeded. The approximately 50-centimeter cake was beautiful and garnered all the praise.

Franco Armani He turned 34 years old and it is the third birthday he celebrated in River. In 2018 he arrived at the institution, quickly got the bow and became a starter in Gallardo’s team. Nobody could get the job and after almost three years it is one of the most important in Argentina. The one from River emerged in the Western Railway, but soon after it went to Deportivo Merlo.

After passing through the Argentine clubs, he decided to go to Colombia to try his luck at Atlético Nacional. Where he spent seven consecutive years and became one of the most beloved players on that team. In 2018 Gallardo needed to strengthen the goalkeeper position and bet on Armani. The play, once again, the Doll went well and the Octopus won the affection of the fans.

One of his first dazzling presentations was that same year, in March when River faced Boca for the Argentine Super Cup. When Millo won the title against Xeneize and Franco Armani it was key to achieve it. After that, Gallardo did not remove him from the bow. His positive presentations led him to be called by the manager of the Argentine National Team and now he is one of the undisputed.

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