Are you hungry and drink water? Here are the consequences

Many times it happens to warn a feeling of sudden hunger away from meals. Eating overtime can have a major impact on our body weight. People often gain weight precisely because, in addition to eating regularly for breakfast, during the morning snack, for lunch, snack and dinner, they also do so at other times of the day. Indulging the desire for focaccia, chocolate, sweets or any particularly caloric food other than conventional meals, is in fact always to be considered a mistake. The body generally does not need any other food than is already taken in ordinary meals. For this reason, drink water instead of eating in many cases it can be very useful.

It may happen that eating becomes a vice. And people with a little belly, as well as those who are obese or even with just a few extra pounds, are those who have the greatest tendency to take more food than their real needs, therefore to have the habit of eating.

Let’s be clear: if you are fasting, a sudden craving for sweet can indicate a sugar deficiency. Always fasting, a sudden craving for pasta can indicate a lack of carbohydrates. The strong craving for watermelon in summer, especially on an empty stomach, may be due to the fact that it is a food rich in mineral salts, which the body needs especially when it is very hot or during physical activity, because in such situations you sweat very.

As a result, sometimes some particular food cravings can indicate nutrient deficiencies within the body. Other times, however, especially if meals are usually eaten in a rich and varied way, the feeling of sudden hunger may be due to boredom or nervousness: in short, it can derive from a psychological state and not from a real need.

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Therefore, keeping hunger at bay between meals is very important. As noted above, it can be done drinking water. In the next paragraph we explain why.

Drinking water instead of eating: the benefits

Drink one or more glasses of water when suddenly hungry it’s a smart way to eat less, and therefore to lose weight or avoid gaining weight.

In general, drinking instead of eating out of conventional meals brings the following benefits:

  • Decreased sense of hunger, with the consequence of arriving at mealtimes without excessive effort.
  • Drainage of excess fluids, therefore the body gets rid of unnecessary waste, and is also helped in the fight against cellulite.
  • Promoting skin rejuvenation. Thanks to this, among other things, in the long run, fine lines tend to be less noticeable.
  • Weight loss and acceleration of metabolism.
  • Increased production of muscle and blood cells.

For the benefits to the body, can you drink only water?

As seen in the previous paragraph, drinking lots of water is good for health. But water is tasteless, and not everyone likes to drink a lot of it. However, from time to time it is also possible to drink some you or of chamomile, but without exaggerating and possibly without using sugar (which makes you fat, being very caloric). Or, instead of always drinking water, it is also possible to alternate it with some other type of herbal tea, without using sugar (or at least using little).

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