Technology Area F2 has closed its servers after the demand...

Area F2 has closed its servers after the demand of Ubisoft

The FPS for mobile Area F2 It has been one of the leading video games this week because Ubisoft sued Google and Apple for putting this title up for sale accused of being “a clone” from Rainbow Six Siege. In it they claimed that it copied practically all aspects of this Rainbow Six, such as the operator selection screen, the gameplay or the scoring screen.

In any case, the game has just said goodbye, because those responsible for Area F2 have published a statement in which they have warned that the servers have closed forever and therefore download is no longer possible this FPS that launched on Google Play and the App Store.

The team in charge of Area F2 has committed to return the money to all those users who have been able to spend something in any of the two digital stores. All those who have been affected by this situation will only need to contact the Google and Apple returns services.

Area F2

As we can read on GamingOnPhone, in another statement by Qooka, a subsidiary of Ejoy, the company in charge of developing Area F2, the game has managed to garner a good number of very favorable opinions and has come to know success by placing itself among the most downloaded from the App Store in several countries. However, he points out that the gameplay has been a barrier for many players when giving this title a chance.

Although many users were satisfied with it, many others surrendered in less than 30 minutes because the learning curve was somewhat high. So, the team does not want this experience to be a problem and, as it supposes something, requires a huge number of arrangements and a complete redesign, has preferred to end the journey of Area F2 until all pertinent improvements have been made.


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