Argentina exceeded 26 thousand deaths from coronavirus – News

Another 384 people died and 13,510 were diagnosed with coronavirus in the last 24 hours in Argentina, amounting to 26,107 deaths and 979,119 positive cases registered since the start of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health reported today.

The health portfolio indicated that there are 4,386 inmates in intensive care units, with a percentage of occupancy of adult beds of 64.2% in the country and 63.4% in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA).

With these registries, there are 979,119 positives in the country, of which 791,174 are recovered patients and 161,838 active cases.

It was also reported that “in the last 24 hours, 20,955 tests were carried out, and since the beginning of the outbreak, 2,359,606 diagnostic tests were carried out, which is equivalent to 52,000 samples per million inhabitants.”

The Ministry of Health indicated that 207 men died, 110 residents in the province of Buenos Aires, 18 in the City of Buenos Aires (CABA), 2 in Chaco, 17 in Córdoba, 12 in Jujuy, 23 in Mendoza, 5 in Río Negro , 5 in Salta, 1 in Santa Cruz, 11 in Santa Fe, and 3 in Tierra del Fuego.

Also 177 women, 81 of them in the province of Buenos Aires, 32 in the City of Buenos Aires, 1 in Chaco, 17 in Córdoba, 1 in Entre Ríos, 8 in Jujuy, 17 in Mendoza, 2 in Río Negro, 1 in Salta, 16 in the province of Santa Fe, and 1 in Tierra del Fuego.

The cases registered today were in the province of Buenos Aires 4,419, in the City of Buenos Aires, 610; in Catamarca, 24; in Chaco, 167; in Chubut, 335; in Córdoba, 1,233; in Corrientes, 2; in Entre Ríos, 350; in Formosa, 1; in Jujuy, 69; in La Pampa, 95; in La Rioja, 55; in Mendoza, 659; in Misiones, 1; in Neuquén, 1,005; in Río Negro, 357; in Salta, 238; in San Juan, 6; in San Luis, 201; in Santa Cruz, 141; in Santa Fe, 2,199; in Santiago del Estero, 238; in Tierra del Fuego, 182; and in Tucumán 923.

The total accumulated by jurisdiction indicates that the province of Buenos Aires totals 495,868 cases; the City of Buenos Aires, 139,453; Catamarca, 453; Chaco, 11,431; Chubut, 8,892; Cordoba, 61,061; Corrientes, 1,937; Entre Ríos, 11,155; Formosa, 140; Jujuy, 17,189; La Pampa, 1,531; La Rioja, 6,378; Mendoza, 36,589; Missions, 199; Neuquen, 14,795; Rio Negro, 18,938; Salta, 16,216; San Juan, 1,291; St. Louis, 3,154; Santa Cruz, 7,183; Santa Fe, 76,808; Santiago del Estero, 6,553; Tierra del Fuego, 7,940; and Tucumán, 33,965.

In addition, 13 cases in the Falkland Islands are included in Tierra del Fuego, according to press information because, due to the illegal occupation of the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, it is not possible to have their own information on the impact of the Covid-19 in that part of the Argentine territory.

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