News Argentina exceeded 400 deaths from coronavirus: the average age...

Argentina exceeded 400 deaths from coronavirus: the average age of the victims is 73 years and there is concern about the high case-fatality rate in nursing homes

In the last hours, Argentina overcame the barrier of 400 dead by coronavirus. Thus arises from the last report released this Wednesday by the Ministry of Health of the Nation. In total there are 403 deceased, 298 of the fatal victims resided in the Capital or province of Buenos Aires: that is, almost three out of four. Chaco and Córdoba follow him on the dramatic list. The first with 35 and the second with 25.

In the last section, between 300 and 400 deaths, the maximum record of deaths in one day was recorded. It happened on May, 14th: in 24 hours, 24 people lost their lives. Despite that figure in a single day, the rate of death did not increase if you look at what happened between the 200 and 300 dead.

Between the news of the 200 and the 300 passed 11 days. Meanwhile, the evolution of the pandemic to reach 300 to 400 deaths led the same time.

However, the barrier of 400 was broken much faster than that of the first 100. When the disease was just beginning to develop in our country, it took 38 days to reach that figure: with less than 3 deaths per day on average .

Among the deceased they remain more men than women. This trend was evidenced from the radiography of the first 100 deaths. However, the gap narrowed noticeably. At that time, with a hundred fatalities, 74% of the dead were male against 26% female. This was striking because in infections they were even: 52.6%, them; and 47.4%, they.

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After reaching 300 deaths, there were 59.7% of men dead versus 40.3% of women. Today, with 400, the numbers were almost unchanged: there are 60.3% men and 39.7% women.

The average age of the fatal cases was maintained: with 300 deaths it was 73.6. It is currently 73.2. At the beginning of the pandemic, with the initial hundred, it was 69.3.

The youngest victim between the 300 and 400 deceased was a man from the province of Buenos Aires who was 31 years old. The death of a 38-year-old from Buenos Aires was also reported. And another from CABA who was 40.

Experts warn of infections in nursing homes, where the case fatality rate is close to 25%. (Juano Tesone)

Experts warn of infections in nursing homes, where the case fatality rate is close to 25%. (Juano Tesone)

However, it was not the youngest Argentines to die from Covid-19: a 27-year-old man from the province of Buenos Aires, number 130, had already lost his life.

Between the 300 and 400 deceased was the longest-living fatality to date. It was number 334: a city woman who was 105 years old. Another female victim, residing in the province of Buenos Aires, was 100 years old.

The appearance of infected in several geriatric, especially in the City, had an impact on the final death toll. As confirmed from the Porteña Health portfolio, 44 ​​of the first 124 deaths were spread in nursing homes. The case fatality rate is close to 25%, taking into account that there were 182 infected in these residences.

The situation in the most vulnerable neighborhoods The City is also concerned and several of those infected are from those areas. However, the ratio of infected to dead is much lower. According to a report from the Ministry of Human Development and Buenos Aires Habitat, so far 15 deaths and 1,551 confirmed cases. In other words, 0.9% case fatality.

Deaths from Coronavirus in Argentina

Source: Own data
Infographic: Clarion

In the daily reports released by the Health portfolio, they stopped giving details on risk factors of the deceased or on the way in which they contracted the virus, so that information was only known on some occasions and was based on what the provinces shared. , municipalities or relatives of those affected.

On March 7, with just eight confirmed cases, the first Argentine died. His name was Guillermo Abel Gómez, he was 65 years old. He was at the Argerich Hospital. He had traveled to France and had pre-existing illnesses.

Today There are 162 fatalities in the province of Buenos Aires, where 3,096 are infected. The City is second in number of people who lost their lives. They are 136 and 3,823 positive.

There are high levels of contagion in the vulnerable neighborhoods of the city and the suburbs, but the case fatality rate of the coronavirus remains low. (Mario Quinteros)

There are high levels of contagion in the vulnerable neighborhoods of the city and the suburbs, but the case fatality rate of the coronavirus remains low. (Mario Quinteros)

In Chaco they have already reported 35 deaths. In Córdoba, another 25. There are also deceased in the provinces of Río Negro (15), Mendoza (9), La Rioja (7), Neuquén (6), Tucumán (3), Santa Fe (3) and Misiones (1) .

According to Lautaro de Vedia, former president of the Argentine Society of Infectious Diseases, “It is reassuring that the rate of death remains stable”.

“We are at a time when you go out looking for the infected, especially in vulnerable neighborhoods, and they appear but, luckily, the increase in infections does not translate into an increase in deaths“says the infectologist at the Muñiz Hospital. The most delicate point continues to be in the nursing homes.” 46% of the deaths in CABA were over 80 and almost 20%, over 90 years. Many are infected in these residences, “he warns.

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Eduardo López, an infectologist at the Gutiérrez Hospital, also asks to insist on this segment. “In the villas there are many infections but few deaths because the disease is impacting young people who are being diagnosed early, isolated and treated early. Those who lost their lives, in general, had other underlying pathologies,” says López. .

And explains that we must avoid that the Covid-19 continues to reach the nursing homes where the percentage of deceased over infected is much higher.

He ensures that the case fatality rate is still acceptable: “It is between 4% and 5.5%”. And that mortality, which is considered in relation to the number of inhabitants, is very low: “Uruguay is very good and then we continue with Colombia. Chile, Brazil and Ecuador have more complicated scenarios

Finally, the specialist says that you have to increase care with the arrival of cold because with low temperatures “the quality of the immune response decreases.” “This does not imply an increase in deaths but it may generate higher virus transmissibility“it closes.


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