Argentine stocks yield up to 7% on Wall Street


The actions of Argentine on Wall Street they fell 7% on Wednesday and added losses on Monday and Tuesday, days when the country's financial activity was suspended from the Carnival celebrations.

The fall of activities on the New York Stock Exchange had its first movement on Monday, after Country risk, a global index that measures the solvency of one country's investments compared to another, will increase by 1.9%, according to the JP Morgan bank, and will leave the South American nation with a negative score of 732 points, the most high from the last increase on January 4th.

Losses were mainly precipitated in the securities corresponding to the various branches of banks that there is in Argentina, whose business was interrupted during the holidays, and which are listed on the American stock exchange. Entities such as Supervielle and Francés have seen a 6.6% decline. Banco Macro and Grupo Galicia also fell by 5.9% and 5.8% respectively.

The decline also had an impact on other areas such as those related to power. For example, the titles of the largest energy distributor in the country, Edenor, fell 5.9%. Those belonging to the state oil company YPF suffered losses of 4.5%, while the shares of the transportadora gas del sur company gave 4.4%.

Only three local shares remained positive on Wall Street and those of Corporación América, Irsa and Tenaris.


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