Argentinian ADRs lost up to 4.2%; Wall Street low on fears for global growth

The Argentine shares quoted on Wall Street ended up with heavy losses on Friday, in the context of a negative session for the major New York indices in response to investors' concerns about the interest rate and the fall in oil prices.

The main decreases of the day were driven by the actions of IRSA (-4.2%); Central Puerto (-3.5%); Cresud (-3.3%); Telecom (-2.9%); and Galicia (-2.9%).

However, there were some exceptions, such as those of Edenor (+ 0.4%); and Transportadora Gas del Sur.

Wall Street

The three major Wall Street indices closed Friday's losses following weak Chinese economic data and a further fall in oil prices that fueled global growth concerns.

According to the latest data available, the industrial average Dow Jones lost 201.59 points, or 0.77 percent, to 25.989.63 units, and the S & P 500 index fell 25.7 points, or 0.92 percent, to 2781.13 units.

L & # 39; Index Nasdaq Composite has lost 123.98 points, or a 1.65 percent, with 7.406.90 units.


The Brazilian stock exchange closed almost on Friday, almost canceling the wheel closing almost 2% in the worst moment of the day, but the recovery did not prevent him from suffering the first weekly loss since the end of September.

The reference index of the B3 stock exchange in Sao Paulo, Bovespa, closed with a marginal increase of 0.02% to 85,641.21 units, with a financial volume of 16,000 million reais. During the week, Bovespa accumulated a 3.1 percent decline, ending a series of five-week increases.

Concerns about global growth, a day after the US central bank reaffirmed its plan for a gradual adjustment of monetary policy, generated a negative correction in foreign equity markets.

Analysts said that investors reacted to the toughest tone adopted by the Federal Reserve on Thursday.

The operators and executives consulted by Reuters have also cited the effect of the statements by Mexican President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador, according to which he will not introduce changes in banking laws during the first three years of his government, such as a & # 39 ; other reason for increase in Brazil.

Banco do Brasil shares rose by 2.2% to increase the Bovespa banking sector. The Itaú Unibanco and Bradesco shares gained respectively 1.26% and 1.48%, while those of Santander Brasil added 1.91%.

The shares of the state-owned oil company Petrobras Petrobras increased by 0.43% despite the fall in oil prices abroad.

The shares of the cosmetics manufacturer Natura increased by 8.81% after having recorded a consolidated net profit of 132.8 million reais in the third quarter, more than double the result of a year earlier, driven by lower financial charges and a strong operating result. The shares of the mining giant Vale fell by 4.16%.

The real, meanwhile, marginally appreciated 0.06 percent to 3.7361 per dollar, but ended the week down 1.13 percent.

European exchanges

The main European equity markets closed the week with downturns, except for Frankfurt, before the possibility of a future rise in interest rates in the United States.

London fell 0.5% and stood at 7.105.34 points. Frankfurt closed with the balance, (+0.02) to 11.529.16 points. Paris lost 0.5% and stood at 5,106.75 points.

Milan sold 0.9% and stood at 19.258 points. Madrid sold 0.5% and closed at 9.134.8 points.


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