Ariana Grande's Starbucks Collaboration Hint Stoked Fans Interest


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The pop world is still very upset by Ariana Grande's latest offer Thanks to U, the next, the fifth studio album, vulnerable and fearless by the twenty-five year old pop star, published at the beginning of last month. The exit followed what was, perhaps, one of the most tumultuous periods in the young star's life. In recent years, Grande has had to deal with a terrorist attack perpetrated in one of his concerts, the death of his ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, and the much discussed development and the well-covered dissolution of his relationship with the actor comedian Pete Davidson. Despite all this (and perhaps also for this), many are announcing Thanks to U, the next as one of the most complete, interesting and sound projects of Grande to date. And just a month after he left, it seems like he's getting ready to give more to his fans.

On Monday, the singer sent a cryptic message to his 61.2 million followers on Twitter. The tweet said "🌫☕️☁️🖤 …. @starbucks 3/5." At the same time, the official Starbucks Twitter account tweeted an almost identical message.

What does all this mean? It's hard to say. Perhaps, Grande – driven by the power of her immense popularity and the success of the chart – sill finally ascends in the clouds and takes its place in the sky pop, where a refined Twenty Sweet Cream Cold Brew is waiting for you? Or, I do not know, maybe it's like a nice brand partnership.



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