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Astrological news: the Moon is in Capricorn. The only retrograde planet is Uranus in your sign, Aries. Your sovereign, the planet Mars, is in Pisces, directed.

This is a cycle of action and decision, Aries. It intelligently combines your impulses and energies and concentrates on an activity that entertains you and at the same time brings benefits to your health. The effluvium of the recent New Moon continues to act on your inner being, your inner world.

A revealing dream will provide you with clues to solve an unexpected situation within your economy and even on a sentimental level. However, do not forget that Uranus is retrograde in your sign and this movement causes some delays in your plans and projects.

During this last new year of the whole year everything is revolutionized!


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to love

Pay attention to details and do not attribute quality to a strange person. Your sincerity and the genuine way of seeing life could cause you to erroneously judge today in love just to be dragged by appearances that do not coincide with reality.


With the Moon in the earth element you enjoy a good stage in terms of health. If time permits, you should take the opportunity to take a walk or practice your favorite sport. The change of activity will be stimulating. No matter how tired you are, something is always better than nothing.

I work

You are in a phase where you will fortunately have options to choose and succeed. There may be an extra income, not foreseen, if today you have to work on Saturday. At the same time, the coming days of December expect highly positive labor movements that will put you where you should be before the end of 2018.

How does your karma depend on your sign?


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Money and luck

During these days and while you have Uranus retrograde in your Aryan sign, try to do your thing and not complicate yourself in the personal matters of others. If you're resting enjoy it and if you feel tempted to argue, think about something else.

Today's astral biorhythm

Sexual energy level this Saturday: high, strong
Cosmic dynamics you should take advantage of: the positive influence exerted by the noble and intelligent people around you.
A dangerous trend today in the sign Aries: act quickly without paying attention to details.
What should I avoid?: Leave everything for the last minute.

Couple prediction for today Saturday

The best relationship today: this Saturday is a great compatibility with fire signals like yours, Aries and Sagittarius, even with Aquarius, which is air and therefore enjoys great compatibility with you .
The tighter relationship: avoiding confrontations with the natives of Capricorn.
Your current compatibility: vibrates in good vibrations with signs of fire and air, even with Taurus, which is on the ground.
If you are single or single: the fun days are coming, but your attitude will depend on the benefit you give to your time and how you handle it.


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