Aristeo Cázares reveals the truth about his absence at the wedding of Antonio Rosique and Michelle Saide

Friday afternoon took place one of the most anticipated events by fans of ‘Exathlon’, your driver’s wedding Antonio Rosique, who was finally able to perform a religious ceremony with Michelle Saide.

It was through social networks that family and friends of the couple shared images of both of their arrival at the altar, leaving the religious temple and the party. Among the guests could not miss the athletes of ‘Exathlon’, who have found a guide and friend in Rosique.

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Mati Álvarez, Cassandra Ascencio, Yusef Farah, Patricio Araujo, Keno Martell and Zudikey Rodríguez, were just some of the former participants who shared part of the ceremony on their Instagram stories.

However, one of the great absentees was Aristeo Cázares, who to avoid misunderstandings explained the reason for his absence through his Instagram stories. Because the former Parkour teacher is one of the participants of ‘MasterChef Celebrity‘, a reality show that began to be recorded on Monday and for which it was difficult for him to get to the wedding, but he himself promised to cook a cake for the bride and groom to apologize.

“I am finally coming to rest… And before they say something to my highest authority, whom I love with all my heart, Antonio Rosique that he did not invite me, yes (he invited me) but I failed him. Because of recordings, I couldn’t go to her wedding, ”he commented.

And he added: “But I wish him the best, for those who go or believe, they are not going to complain. I love you very much, Mich, Antonio, I wish you all the happiness. I couldn’t go but thank you, I’m going to cook you something, since I’m going to learn to cook. Enjoy it and my best wishes to you ”, he concluded.

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Aristeo was confirmed on ‘MasterChef Celebrity’

In the version with celebrities, the host will be Rebecca de Alba, while the cast will be made up of Laura Zapata, Aristeo Cázares, Germán Montero, José Joel, Stephanie Salas, Dalú, Jorge Aravena. There will also be Paco Chacón, Paty Navidad, Daniela Alexis “La Bebeshita”, Matilde Obregón, Laura Flores, William Valdés, Tony Balardi, Aida Cuevas, David Salomón, Mauricio Islas, Javi Vaaz, Alicia Machado and Jimena “Choco” Pérez.

About him reality show launch what is known is that the TV station of the Ajusco could postpone the launch a little, since this is one of the programs that requires more work on the part of the post-production team.

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