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  • Angry fans and team-mates, missing the penalties and the most delicate matchmaker in the club's history: in the summer Arjen Robben will leave Bayern.
  • Dutch was always questionable, but probably also one of the best club investments ever.

One in Hoffenheim, one against Bremen, one in two in Mainz. These were the results that convinced them at Bayern in the summer of 2009 that they need to strengthen their team. Thus, the club has decided on one of the most sustainable investments in its history: for 25 million euros came from Real Madrid, the twenty-five year old Arjen Robben, who coined few other players together with Franck Ribéry Bayern. So precious were the two that the team for years was only selectively strengthened around the two. See you next summer. Then at least Robben's time ends in Munich. "It's, I think, my last year," Robben told Sunday at the Bayernfreunde fan club Tegernseer Tal. "I think it was nice, ten years, Bayern, very nice." An appreciation in five chapters.

The second life

A few days after his passing, Robben enters Wolfsburg after the break, and comes for Hamit Altintop. 35 minutes later he scored two goals, one of course after a single run, both gates are getting ready for Ribéry. Bayern wins the three-zero. In the next 36 games of the season Robben scores 21 goals more, including many that are kept forever in the club's video library. In the Cup semi-final against Schalke, he runs 112th minute along the side line to the baseline, from there he pulls back into the box, in total over four players, then turns the ball into the corner. "In the extension, I found my second life," he explains. President Uli Hoeneß is enthusiastic: Robben is "a world-class player who can decide a game every second". These include the goal in the quarter-finals of the Champions League at Manchester United, when Robben puts the ball into the net after a corner of Ribéry. Bayern won the championship and the trophy, but lost in the Champions League final against Inter. At the party on the Rathausplatz, fans especially applaud Ribéry and his good news: "Isch is five years older".

Two that have not always met: Arjen Robben and Franck Ribéry.

(Photo: Andreas Gebert / dpa)

The cooking tube

Rib & Rob. robbery, these are quickly the nicknames of this legendary wing clamp in the history of Monaco football. The legendary are not only their solitary races in the field, but also the subsequent ones. Especially the first years between the two characterize jealousies. If you do not play, you immediately pout and the other has an extraordinarily splendid character. If one person is right, the other is equally mistaken. In April 2012, resentment intensified. C & # 39; is a free kick just before the break in the match against Real Madrid, Ribéry wants to shoot. Robben pushes him away, he advertises for the shooter Kroos: "Let him shoot Toni, who has hit almost everything in training". Kroos hits the wall. Ribéry insulted Robben at the interval, giving him a back-pipe. A year later, Robben admits: "At the beginning I thought it would not work, I can not play with him anymore." He had "forgiven" him.


Final in the Champions League 2012, in Monaco, Bayern against Chelsea, former club of Robben. "It could not have been better written," Robben remembers later, "except that it turns into a nightmare." Bayern have already lost the championship in Dortmund, among other things, because Robben pulls a penalty in Dortmund. The team lost the Cup final against BVB 2: 5, despite Robben from the penalty spot. in Final Dahoam against Chelsea must Bayern after the late draw in extension, in the 95th minute, there is a penalty. Robben shoots, centered rather than right, Petr Cech's parade. In the following penalties, Robben does not occur, Bayern loses anyway. A week later, in the friendly against the Netherlands, their fans whistle Robben. They call it "Alleinikow".

The Streichler

Before the start of the 2012/13 season, sports director Matthias Sammer talks about Robben: "We have to protect him better". The trainer Jupp Heynckes mainly protects him by often putting on the bench, even though Robben had said only a few months before this was the "deadly sin" for him. From March to May he is allowed to play only five times. However, these are the most important weeks of his career. In the Champions League he meets in both semifinals against Barcelona, ​​in the final against Dortmund at Wembley he prepares the first goal, then he starts in the 89th minute. Past Mats Hummels. Past Neven Subotic. Then gently stroke the ball towards the goal. The success of the title is memorized forever in the club's video library, and its fans have been singing since then: "Arjen has done it".

May 8, 2013, London, Wembley Stadium, 89th minute: Arjen Robben meets Roman Weidenfeller – is the door to the Champions League title.

(Photo: Phil Noble / Reuters)

Never full

Under the successor of Heynckes, Pep Guardiola, Robben is once again evaluated differently. In his ball possession, his solo runs are not considered selfish but unpredictable. Guardiola is a real delusion. In the first year under the Catalans Robben scored 19 goals, in the second 21, in the third is often injured. The image from the outside on the seals now adapts to its own image of itself, is the image of an exceptionally ambitious football player. "Hunger has never subsided". In the spring of 2018 he won his seventh German championship. At the beginning of December 2018, he says: "The club continues, I could go on and not stop at all, I think it will be the end of a very nice and long time". Robben plans to stay in Eindhoven or his youth club in Groningen for another year.

And Bayern continue looking for a substitute for one of his best investments.

The Dutch plowman

His dribbling is as fast as hell, his favorite tactic still works – but in Munich it's over soon. Arjen Robben's career at Bayern in photos.

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