Ark of Gdynia. Wojciech Pertkiewicz: Football is a continuous crisis management

Wojciech Pertkiewicz was the president of the management board of Arka Gdynia for seven years. He led her out of huge debts straight into the biggest successes in the club’s history – the Polish Cup and two Super Cups. As a reward, he was released by the Midaks.

Maciej Słomiński, Interia: Did you cure yourself of the ball for good?

Wojciech Pertkiewicz, former president of the board of Arka Gdynia: – I had job offers as soon as I was released from the Ark. I gave myself a break. It cannot be operated in the long run on twisted intestines. Every CEO makes a good face for a bad game, but everyone is hard to watch matches. I have not cured myself. I’m still close to the club, people call me when I can, I help. I am at matches that are watched differently. I also bought 1% club shares.

I will support myself with a quote from “Dogs” – we will spend a year on unemployment, otherwise we will sing.

– I was not and probably still not ready to leave the Tri-City. You can’t be the president with half the whistle. This is a 24/7 job. Weekend is known to match. Monday – no matter what the result – crisis day. As you played on Monday, it moves to Tuesday. Waiting for the weekend again. When you enter a new environment, it takes a minimum of a year to get to know all the factions. Sponsors, supporters, football schools, regional football association.

What if Arka Gdynia called?

– He won’t call.

If the boat were not built of wood, it could be said that you found a wooden ark and left a brick one. When you left the Gdynia club a year ago, it had solid financial foundations. Today he is falling from Ekstraklasa and his future is uncertain.

– Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back to be able to make two jumps forward. Let it be this case, although at the moment I don’t feel it. We gathered for five years to advance to Ekstraklasa. We functioned in the highest class with one of the lowest budgets in the league, and yet we were four seasons. You need to check whether this is not the longest stay of Ark in Ekstraklasa.

Second longest. The record is six seasons in 1976-82.

– I respect that team under Janusz Kupcewicz. I can talk about our achievements: I league championship, Polish Cup, Polish Cup final and two Super Cups. I sincerely wish good luck to my successors.

So why is Ark falling out of the league?

– There are many ways to look for reasons. At the end of the day, players leave the pitch, but under certain circumstances. If I were to describe the 2019/20 season, I would draw a lightning pointing downwards. It is not just about finances, although these were quickly broken. When I left in August last year, I passed on to the successor a balanced budget. He would have to do it if irresponsible management of the club did not start. Starting from the construction of a salary chimney for Marko Vejinovic to disrespect and cooperation with the local community. Proprietary ideas were taken to the detriment of the company. Incurring liabilities without covering it with revenues is such an activity. The owner had to change the president to one who signs such things. I don’t know much about Grzegorz Stańczuk, but I am convinced that he acted in good faith. The fact of his resignation after three months may indicate that he did not quite know what he was getting into.

On May 16, 2020, a petition for bankruptcy of the football company was being prepared.

– It doesn’t change much. As long as the company exists, it has contracts with employees. It’s not like we hang a padlock and pretend we’re gone. In short: to fall, you also need money.

It is said that the Kołakowski family saved the Ark.

– If no one had bought the Ark, she would have fallen, it is a fact. However, it is not true that Mr. Kołakowski was the only bidder. There was a second contractor and a local one who intended to put more of his money into the Ark. Kołakowski has laid out 750,000 for today. The Ejsmond Club and four individuals privately supplemented capital by 250,000, including myself. Local businessmen were ready for a larger investment resulting from purely emotional reasons. I prepared for them analyzes, an optimistic and pessimistic variant. At the very end, Włodek Midak decided to sell and the shares went to Michał Kołakowski, and the club de facto to his father. Now challenge them.

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