Arkane Studios is already working on removing the internet connection requirement for solo games

He next May Xbox receives an important exclusive. Redfall from Bethesda is a game that, although it was originally being developed with a multiplatform perspective that included a version for PS5remained an Xbox exclusive after Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda.

One of the major criticisms the community had regarding the game was that It is a requirement to be connected to the internet even if you play alone. The game director ensures that in Arkane Studios have heard the criticism and are already working on a solution..

Redfall director explains why you have to be permanently connected to the internet

As part of the previous sessions of Redfall for the media, the team Eurogamer had the opportunity to Ask Gamemaster Harvey Smith about the 24/7 internet connection requirement and this was what he replied:

There are people who live in places where there are drops in their bandwidth, or they are competing with other members of their family, because their mom is watching a movie on streaming or their brother is using another device. So it’s a legitimate criticism.

We take it with empathy. We hear. We have started working to fix it in the future. We need to do a few things like encrypt your save files and work on the interface to support it. We are looking into it, I can’t promise you anything, but we are addressing it and are actively working to fix it in the future.

Harvey Smith explained that the permanent internet connection requirement is because offers the studio opportunities to improve the accessibility of the game by receiving data on what is happening in real time. He gave an example that if they saw that many players were dying when they fell down some stairs, they could modify the game code so that this doesn’t happen later. “There are reasons why the game is always online that are not insidious”he assured.

The director also assured that there will not be an in-game store as many thought before the requirement to be connected to the internet. He commented that although there are plans for DLC that includes things like weapons, skins and characters, these will work the same way they would in other games, packages that you can buy from the Xbox store and not directly in an in-game store that adds microtransactions to experience.

when does redfall come out

Redfall arrives on May 2 on Xbox Series and PC, debuting from day one on the Xbox Game Pass service. If you want to know more about it, we recommend review our first impressions after playing it.

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