Arlo Audio Doorbell review: one of the simplest connected doorbells

In use, the microphone is not very sensitive and has difficulty picking up the most discreet sounds (footsteps, for example). In addition, the power of the restored signal is particularly low. Consequently, the sentences are hardly audible if the visitor does not raise their voice or if they do not come close to the device.

In order to hear a little better, we recommend that you do not use the “speaker” mode of a smartphone or tablet for listening from the application. However, the voice tones are faithful to reality and the rendering is very natural for this type of product. The signal is not cut, so we can have a discussion of several minutes without problem.

The on-board speaker faithfully reproduces the tone of voices, but it is not very powerful. Even with the listening volume set to the maximum in the application, you have to get closer to the doorbell (1.5-2 m maximum distance) to hear the interlocutor.

Each time the doorbell push-button is pressed, a beep indicates to the visitor that the device is transmitting the call. The sound level of this signal does not exceed 61 dB (A). As a reminder, a conversation at a moderate sound level is measured at around 60 dB (A).

To be notified other than by a call or a notification, it is therefore preferable to connect the Arlo Audio Doorbell to a Chime of the brand or to plug it directly into the existing doorbell system to hear the bells.

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