Arlo Ultra in test: This can be the security camera


VMany Germans enjoy the good weather on the beach or in the park. However, one really is not careless at this time: one's own four walls could indeed fall victim to a burglar. For a better feeling provide WLAN-Sicherheitsungskameras – also called IP Cams.

The little guards give a look home and send a message to the Smartphoneas soon as they perceive a movement. Above all, the cameras have to deliver a good image, warn the user at the right moment and be easy to operate.

Manufacturer Arlo promises just that with the Ultra. But is the 4K surveillance camera really reliable? "Computer picture"Has the answer!

The battery of the Arlo Ultra lasts for one year

The Arlo Ultra can be placed on a sideboard or outside on the house wall. The delivery includes a small tripod and a wall mount. Class: The attachment for walls is magnetic, which allows flexible adjustment of the camera's viewing angle.

The WLAN camera has a replaceable battery, a constant power supply and the annoying drilling for a charging cable are thus eliminated. According to the manufacturer, a full charge for normal use should last for around one year.

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Crowbars or screwdrivers are popular burglar tools

The connection to the router is made via the Arlo Hub: The small control center is included in the delivery and has a LAN port and a slot for one microSD card, The camera has only one charging port for the battery.

Home monitoring can easily be extended with additional IP cams: up to 15 Arlo cameras can be coupled to the hub at the same time.

The Arlo Ultra is quick to get started and easy to use

The easiest way the device worked in the test using a smartphone, the user only needs the Arlo app (Android or iOS). Short videos on the display explain how to connect the hub and the camera. Everything is ready within a few minutes.

The operation is also uncomplicated. With a few finger movements, the user calls about the recent motion event or sets the resolution of the camera.

The live image of the Arlo Ultra can even be accessed via the Apple Watch

The live image of the Arlo Ultra can even be accessed via the Apple Watch

Source: Apple, Arlo

Practical: Who currently has no smartphone at hand, uses one PC, You can use the Internet browser to get videos or set preferences. Owner of one Amazon Echon Show look at the live image on the screen of the device.

For example, the voice command "Alexa, show me the live image of the Arlo Ultra". The Arlo Ultra can be operated via voice over Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri.

Double security

An important question: Where does the camera store the highly sensitive data? On the one hand on the microSD card in the Arlo Hub, on the other hand in the cloud. If the main user releases access, family members and friends also access the camera via smartphone or internet browser.

Without a paid subscription, recordings stay in the cloud for seven days, then automatically wipe out. They remain on the memory card for as long as the user wants and the card gives place.

At the bottom of the Arlo Hub is the slot for the MicroSD card

At the bottom of the Arlo Hub is the slot for the MicroSD card

Source: Arlo, Samsung, computer image

To save time, the automatic deletion of unimportant recordings can be set. If the card is 80 percent full, the hub will always dub the oldest recording.

Arlo Ultra subscriptions in the overview

If you want to save your saved videos in the cloud for more than seven days, you will be subscribed to one of the three paid subscriptions. The introductory subscription "Arlo Smart" costs 27.99 a year / 2.79 euros per month. It includes a 30-day cloud storage, adjustable activity zones and a person recognition that differentiates between animal and human.

The artificial intelligence even detects packages. This gives you, for example, only a message when the postman with an important shipment is at the door. The activity zone function is suitable for use in the garden, for example. The user then determines that the camera only sends a message when moving around the garden gate.

Through the Arlo subscriptions, the user has access to features such as animal identification

Through the Arlo subscriptions, the user has access to features such as animal identification

Source: Arlo, Apple

The smart subscription is for one device. When operating multiple cameras, the "Smart Premier" subscription with all the functions of smart subscription for up to ten cameras is worthwhile. Cost: 89 euros a year or 8.99 euros per month.

If you need a 60-day cloud storage and want to control up to 20 cameras, you can use the "Smart Elite" subscription. The most expensive of the three packages costs € 139 per year / € 13.99 per month.

The Arlo Ultra is extra sharp

The Arlo Ultra delivered crisp 4K shots (3480×2160 pixels) during the day and at night. The high resolution is particularly useful when zooming, as less details are lost than with full HD cameras. In movements she fights with visible artifacts.

After all: The shots are always liquid. At night, the user has the choice between the infrared LEDs and a floodlight LED. The very bright light deters the burglar at best and at the same time makes a color photograph.

The infrared version takes the picture in black and white. In the mode, however, the Arlo showed even more fragments in the picture.

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Conclusion: The Arlo Ultra raises the bar for Wi-Fi surveillance cameras: The sharp 4K recordings day and night are impressive, and it offers a great deal of security with the mix of cloud and memory card. Setup and operation via smartphone are easy. It can also be controlled by language.

The full potential of the camera unfolds once you have completed one of the three Arlo subscriptions. Then the user has functions such as person recognition and the division of activity zones available.

Strengthen: good shots, cloud and SD card storage, voice control

Weaknesses: Ports only at the hub, dull and tinny sound, additional functions only with subscription

Test score: good (2.0)

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