Armed with a knife, he shouts “Allah Akbar”, threatens the police and … the story ends well | Miscellaneous

The facts took place in Nantes this Friday, February 19.

At around 11:30 am this Friday, an individual armed with a knife was spotted by the police while he was getting on a bus, relates West-France. A device was quickly deployed to intercept it. The suspect was carrying a satchel and the blade protruded widely.

On the verge of being arrested and held by several agents, he refuses to comply, says the regional information site. He even grabs his knife and advances towards the police and shouting “Allah Akbar”. This is one that a passerby intervenes. A “surprising” and unexpected scene.

Indeed, this woman begins to speak in Arabic to the armed individual and obviously finds the good dead to bring him to his senses. He drops his knife and surrenders.

This 29-year-old Saudi man, unknown to the courts and without a fixed address, has been taken into police custody. According to information from Ouest-France, he had just spent two months in a psychiatric hospital.

An investigation was opened for justifying terrorism, violence with a weapon and carrying a weapon.

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