Armstrong goes back to gold thanks to Uber – Mundo Deportivo


Sometimes you make a decision you hardly remember, but years later it makes you earn millions of dollars. Did it ever happen to you? Neither do I, but it looks like this to Lance Armstrong yes. Things in life

Almost 10 years ago, in 2009, Armstrong has invested, advised by his risk investor Chris Sacca, $ 100,000 (which was then for him the change of purchase of two loaves of bread) in a call start-up Uber. The athlete had no idea what it was, according to what he told CNBC he thought he was "Twitter actions or something", but he listened to his advisor and this decision he did billionaire.

When Armstrong invested in society, his value was 3.7 million dollars and now it is evaluated in 76,000 million, so it's easy to imagine that you should have taken a big hit thanks to your initial investment. We must remember that after the scandal of 2012 to prove that you have competed doped, the international cycling union will do it he withdrew your titles, you will do it sanctioned for life and lost millions of dollars in the sponsors plus the expenses deriving from the judicial process (lawyers, cases …).

It seems that the Universe wants Lance Armstrong and his family to be millionaires again. What is life



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