Army-Navy game uniforms: The Big Red One Bill the Goat


Of all the traditions and splendor surrounding the Army-Navy game, one of the most interesting parts of the annual match is the special uniform worn by both teams.

The army went with elegant black uniforms with red accents for the 119th edition of Saturday in honor of the 1st infantry division, which was formed during the First World War and was the first permanent division in the army. The Black Knights call the Nike uniforms "Big Red One", the nickname of the division so gained because the "1" signs on the shoulder "were twice the size of the allied or German divisions on the Western Front", according to the army. This year, of course, marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

The opaque black helmets, which have a red "1" on the front to imitate the shoulder patch on the original helmet of the division and have an American flag from the era of the First World War (with 48 stars), are particularly slippery. The uniforms also present a sort of mythological black lion on the shoulder in honor of the first great American victory in the First World War at the Battle of Cantigny – the twenty-eighth infantry of the 1st division was known as "the black lions of Cantigny".

Navy chose a timeless inspiration this year in his mascot, Bill the Goat, and explained the design in an October press release.

"The Naval Academy named this goat the honorary mascot for the fourth game of the Navy, in which the Navy defeated the Army in an epochal victory.To commemorate the victory, the goat was named mascot of the team and has become a precious symbol of the Navy football program, "said the statement.

It's a clean look that Mids are showing off on Saturday; Under Armor gave them classic white pants and a white shirt with blue and gold accents. The helmets, which are navy with a gold and white stripe, are characterized by a complicated depiction of Bill the Goat, as well as gloves: a particularly snazzy hidden treatment. One of the Navy's mottoes, "Do not Give Up The Ship", is sewn on the bottom of the sweaters.

The Navy wore an alternating uniform in every game of the Navy since 2014, when Under Armor became the official supplier of the school. The drawings of the last year include the inspiration inspired by the Blue Angels of 2017, which was fabulous in the snow game last year, the 2014 "Do not Tread On Me" uniforms and the uniforms of the return of 2016 celebrating the group Roger Staubach 1963.

Some of the Army's precedents include those that honored the 2012 Airborne Division and the white look of the last year in honor of the tenth mountain division, dubbed "Climb to Glory".

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