Arne Engels’ sumptuous free-kick praline that allows Club NXT to crush Leipzig

Who would’ve believed that ? Little thumbs from their Youth League group which featured the PSG, Manchester City et Leipzig, the young people of Club de Bruges are doing even better than their elders.

Triumphant winners of Leipzig on Wednesday (4-1), they proudly prance at the head of their group with 11 points. An unexpected total that allows them more than ever to dream of qualifying for the next round.

Indeed, no need to embark on apothecary calculations since a victory (or a draw) of City against PSG tonight, would propel Bruges to 8th! An authentic feat that still seemed chimerical at the start of the season but that the young guys from the Venice of the North are in the process of achieving.

Speaking of feat, what about that sumptuous free kick signed by Arne Engels just before half-time? Eccentric on the left side and quite far from the goal, the young midfielder planted a surgical praline which got lodged in the nets of the helpless German goalkeeper. A goal, like the inhabitants of Bruges: cheeky!

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