Arnold Schwarzenegger confessed about his son-in-law, actor Chris Pratt

Arnold SchwarzeneggerAs is his custom, he showed his sincerity when giving an interview. This time he dealt with his son-in-law, actor Chris Pratt (41). A few months ago, the protagonist of Jurassic World made a grandfather with his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, the legendary Terminator. The couple had a baby who they named Lyla Maria.

During a dialogue with Yahoo! Entertainment, the former governor of California (in two terms, 2003 to 2011) was sincere and complimented his son-in-law. But it was not only speaking well of Pratt, she also said that she was struck by the fact that her daughter was in a relationship with an actor, because she did not like that Hollywood life since she was a child.

According to Arnold, Katherine’s profile was always disinterested in show business life. She is a journalist and literary author, but she was always close to the filming and the lives of the actors.

“I never, never thought or could I imagine that my daughter would end up marrying another actor. I told myself that surely Katherine must have had a lot of love for the world of acting after having spent a good part of her childhood dragging herself to numerous film sets, watching me ‘kill people’ or setting fire to any building that came my way. The rest of my children loved it, but Katherine spent the first few days crying, “said Arnold.

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“But hey, for the record I’m very happy because (Chris) is a wonderful husband for her, and a perfect son-in-law for me,” added then the father of Christina (29), Patrick (27) and Christopher (23), fruit of his late marriage to Maria Shriver, as well as Joseph Baena (23), whom he had as part of an extramarital affair with Mildred Patricia Baena.

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