Arnold Schwarzenegger organizes Greta Thunberg at Tesla


Updated 01 October 2019, 07:15

Greta Thunberg is currently traveling in the United States and Canada – now she can travel not only respecting the climate, but also very comfortable. Arnold Schwarzenegger had an electric car made available to the young activist.

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A Tesla Model 3 will bring Greta Thunberg on her North American tour to various climatic events. This was confirmed by a spokesman for Arnold Schwarzenegger of the American magazine "Car and Driver".

The former governor and former Hollywood star and Swede had met in May this year at a climate conference in Vienna. The Austrian native was absolutely "thrilled" by Greta – "starry" in English. Schwarzenegger told his fans in a tweet.

Climate friendly journey: a Tesla for Greta from the "Terminator-Actor"

As part of their journey through North America, Schwarzenegger offered his support to the 16-year-old, as the Car and Driver spokesman said. And since the founder of the "Fridays for Future" movement obviously wants to move as little as possible out of climate damage, Schwarzenegger organized an electric car from Tesla.

"Greta can now travel completely electrically through the United States and Canada," the spokesman said.

Schwarzenegger relies on the electric car

The same "Terminator" actor drives a Hummer SUV in his California foster home – which, however, has also converted completely electric. On the social media, rumors have accumulated in recent days that 72-year-old Greta Thunberg has made her car available.

"Transporting his electric lobster across the country would have been a big challenge," Schwarzenegger's spokesman explained. "It is a Tesla model 3."
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