Arnošt imprisoned Macík in a car, otherwise the Czech pilot is winning with him in Morocco

Big Shock Racing

The new Dakar truck is not built for slow starts and Martin Macík is definitely not saving Arnošt in Morocco. The Iveco Powerstar special, developed by team boss Martin Macík Sr. with the MM Technology team and completed just a few days before leaving, has achieved a lot in his short life. After moving to hot Morocco, he went through the technical inspections without any problems and then immediately jumped into a sharp racing pace.

The introductory prologue came out to the crew of the Big Shock team! Racing great when she won the leading position. “So far, I’m pleasantly surprised at how Arnošt works. Temperatures are higher here than in the Dakar, normally over 40 degrees in the shade. The new truck is driving like a saw. It’s a fast, accurate car. She’s doing well. Even though we know that full competition will be waiting for us in Saudi Arabia, “Martin Macík announced after the prologue.

Manual tire inflation in the dunes

However, the real test was brought by the 1st stage, which counts 288 sharp kilometers. The hard, jumped, gravel track and beautiful dunes gave truck drivers a chance to check their limits. And Arnošt showed where he needs to fine-tune. “We will work on the chassis. We made it harder than we planned. It was very painful in the cabin. The tire inflation system also needs to be tightened. He told us obedience just before the dunes, so we fit in once and for all, “describes mechanic David Švanda.

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You haven’t seen this since Martin Macík from this year’s Dakar. And what about the secret for the Dakar 2022?

But he adds that fortunately it was not a more fundamental problem. The crew stopped and dropped the tires by hand. Then she drove through the whole dune and at the end of the round she blew again. And then the yellow truck flew to the finish line. For the first time, the speed of changing a tire was also lucky enough to be checked on the track. Arnošt has a different deposit of reserves compared to the original Charles. Even in more demanding terrain and racing mode, the Sedlčany group managed it in 4.5 minutes. In the finish of the 2nd stage, Macík was the 2nd fastest.

Unexpected victory in the 2nd stage

After a night shift of mechanics, the team started the second stage, which was more challenging than many Dakars. It brought another 333 sharp km with one neutralization. The competitors enjoyed about 40 km of beautiful large difficult dunes. Some of them the truck fought for several attempts, it was necessary to look for the best way for the terrain to go. At about a hundred kilometers, the car began to struggle with lower power, had slower starts and the crew could not get over 120 km / h.

Macík’s crew on the track.

Big Shock Racing

“But even so, we managed to pass everything and won the stage. The opponents were busy changing the tires, “describes navigator František Tomášek, who also praises the improved navigation, which has always led him to the finish line without any mistakes.

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Nonsensical pace of the 3rd stage

“So far, the hardest and longest stage of the Rallye du Maroc, 341 km long, was very hard and beaten, but also technical, and we like that. We did very well. We flew the first 100 km at a senseless pace, absolutely wonderfully, “describes Martin Macík. It turned out that one of the coolers, which sounded again in the 3rd stage, was responsible for the lower performance.” But we still enjoyed it, nobody told us he was not breathing on his back. The navigation was coming out. And we got into the lead, “was the navigator František Tomášek happy.

We received a hug from Kocour, Martin Macík’s team is euphoric. And a baby boom is waiting

Big Shock Racing

In the poll for Arnošt’s most curious defect so far, the dilapidated castle, which trapped Macík in a car, wins. After half of the race, it seems that despite several weaker places that can be easily improved, Arnošt has a decent form and leaves the other trucks behind in most stages.

But the race ends at the finish. The Rallye du Maroc has two more challenging days ahead of it. Although the competition in the truck category is not fully comparable to the Dakar, five cars took part in the start this year, the team in Morocco is gaining indispensable experience. The crews commute to the bivouac every night almost in the dark. The riders are already very broken and their whole body hurts. Admiration also belongs to the mechanics, who take over the specials for the night to hand them in the best possible condition in the morning. The teams will reach the finish line on Wednesday evening.

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