Árpád Schilling takes out his penis and wants to put it in a girl’s mouth because he plays László Marton

There is a rather peculiar movie on Netflix. It’s called “Peace Time”, the film features the married couple who “refugeed” to France, the left-wing provocateur and former theater director, Árpád Schilling, as well as his amateur actress wife, Lilla Sárosdi. In one of the scenes of the film, Schilling’s heroic deed is recalled, when he brought down the (undoubtedly indefensible) former Vígszínház director, László Marton. Schilling plays László Marton, he takes out his penis and wants to put it in the mouth of a young girl who is a fan of the theater. The scene – what art – is identical word for word to the story of Schilling’s wife, Lilla Sárosdi. He claimed that László Marton did this to him, nearly 30 years ago.

We dealt a lot with the Marton-Schilling-Sárosdi case, and now we absolutely don’t want it, and besides, László Marton is no longer alive.

The scene is, of course, doubly tasteless. Schilling’s penis display in a semi-amateur film is nothing more than kicking a dead man again. Of course, tastelessness is not difficult to find in other scenes either. In an embarrassing scene, Schilling’s wife, Lilla Sárosdi, who is clumsy with her civility, pulls up her skirt and spreads her bottom, thus arguing with a flower seller who does not communicate properly.

The director of the film is Szabolcs Hajdú, who is known for the fact that in 2005 he tried to convince the tabloids that the world star Tom Cruise, who was at the top of his career at the time, was interested in Hajdú’s film…

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Szabolcs Hajdú also plays in the film (let’s face it: he’s not that bad), but he didn’t manage to come up with his own title. He simply stole the title of László Vitézy’s undoubted masterpiece. Peace time. By the way, we wrote about this in detail earlier.

Hajdú’s wife also got a role, she – what creativity – plays left-wing activist Márton Gulyás, who is currently throwing paint at the building of the State Audit Office. So that Hajdú is not accused of not being art, but pathetic propaganda, if someone takes the events of the political (opposition) world literally on film, the Márton Gulyás character in the film does not hide away like a hapless clown in the face of reality, but defeats the police.

The film is, of course, about how the dictatorship in horrible Hungary is horrible, and living is horrible. This is because you can see criminal immigrants on television.

The propaganda campaign of the extremely poor film, made with foreign money, is laughable, the whole thing has the character of a self-reinforcing circle. And we haven’t even mentioned the dialogues yet…

What’s really annoying about it is the lack of taste and the stealing of movie titles. In any case, László Vitézy can perhaps be consoled that the “creator” did not steal from him alone. He took the scene of the unnoticed miracle-working girl – the ending of the film – directly from Tarkovsky.

Árpád Schilling, still as a theater directorPhoto: István Bielik – Origo

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