"Arrested and banished his songs for political positions" .. Stations in the life of the Argentine "Mercedes Sosa"


Mohamed Ismail – Cairo – wrote – Yasmine El Sharkawy:

Today, October 4th, the anniversary of the departure of the Argentine Indian singer Mercedes Sosa, who has faced many dictatorships with her sweet voice, becomes the most glamorous star in the sky of music.

The following are the highlights of his life, according to the British newspaper The Guardian:

– Sosa was born in 1935 from a working class family in Tucuman, of American Indian descent, and her fame came after winning a talent show on local radio, at the age of 15.

– In the middle of the 60s, Sosa was able to reach the popularity of Argentina with great talent, published many albums and became sufficiently well known and enjoyed great popularity.

– Sosa participated in the film Saint of the Sword, a biography of the Argentine independence hero Jose de San Martin, and his political sympathies with the poor became very clear. No entry for them ".

Sousa has won numerous awards during her career, most notably the United Nations Women's Fundraising Award in recognition of women's rights.


His song "Gracias a la Vida" became a hymn to the left in the 70s.

– In 1979, the Argentine authorities stopped their concert at the University of Plata, they searched the stage and arrested them with 350 members of the public, until it was released on the day following. He lived between Madrid and Paris.

In 1982, Sosa arrived in Argentina and returned, focusing only on music and performing in numerous concerts accompanied by a number of stars, particularly Leon Sico and Charlie Gracia.

– October 4, 2009, Sosa, from the world at the age of 74 after suffering a heart attack.

This was the detail of the news "arrested and banned his songs for political positions". Stations in the life of the Argentine "Mercedes Sosa" for this day, we hope to have been successful by giving you all the details and information and follow all our news.

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