Arrested for shooting a family in Reinosa (Cantabria) after a traffic dispute

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The Civil Guard has arrested this Monday a 44 year old man by shoot with a shotgun in reinosa (Cantabria) to a family with children after starting a traffic discussion.

The events occurred last Saturday. The armed institute received a notice of a shot at a family, with children, who were on the sidewalk in a street in the Cantabrian municipality at around 11:20 p.m.

Agents at the scene confirmed the existence of a projectile impact in a vehicle parked on the road, where those affected were.

After obtaining the testimony of different witnesses, the agents came to the conclusion that the detainee had a traffic discussion and left, to return later with a hidden long weapon. Once located on the opposite sidewalk, he pointed it at a man with whom he had had an argument moments before.

After opening fire, the bullet hit a parked vehicle, and the suspect reloaded the weapon and threatened the other man with it before leaving the place.

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