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Espanyol fell to Anoeta (3-2) in a crazy game where the Rubi team was again penalized for defensive concessions and a no less worrying lack of aim in the final, two deadly sins that have a very high cost. in the last two matches of Espanyol the final minutes remained, yesterday were the initials. The start of the match served to confirm why it is advisable to arrive on time in a stadium on the day of the match. In the eighth minute, when some local spectators had not yet sat in their locality, Real Sociedad had already sent 2-0. Two goals are practically consecutive on the first two occasions, both originating from the interrupted ball action and caused by two serious errors by David Lopez. At the 3rd minute, it was not right at the start of the ball from behind and, in the corner, it was too slow in anticipation of Merino, who ended up having fun exploiting the rebound of a ball that hit the post. Three minutes later he committed an absurd criminal extending his arm, even in the corner. The VAR confirmed it and Willian José did not fail.

Rubi, hysterical, did not give credit to the band that was happening. His team did not step on the opposing side and lost 2-0. Espanyol accused both slappers and, for almost half an hour, was depressed, imprecise and marginalized. In a game of three and nothing, the game was set for a Real Sociedad that marked the script written by Girona at the RCDE Stadium. Two goals in the morning seemed to have left the party seen for judgment. Espanyol, lost, was not able to fish to try and return to the game, but found the antidote in the same poison that was drowned. After half an hour, Borja tries a shot left that a defender deviates to the corner. In that corner, Naldo jumped up and ended up at the bottom of the net.

Espanyol returned to breathe in a match where he had not given signs of life. Reanimated from 2-1, the whites and the blues began to have more ball thanks to a Melendo who, despite being the youngest, has shown once again that the responsibility does not weigh at all. The minor striker has made the Basque defense of the ballet with diagonals from the left where the team was loaded on the back. Just before the break, the draw was born in one stroke: Espanyol hung in the area the rejection of Rollers and, after Baptistão came up with the crossbar, Diego Llorente scored a goal in his own goal in a comedic action. Almost involuntarily, Espanyol came to rest with life in a game aimed at absolute disaster.

Cruel punishment by Willian José

The reboot gave Rubi another air, which now could take the initiative, just as it did in the first half. When it seemed rebuilt, however, a new slap came: in a side center with a visitor of numerical superiority, Willian José took advantage of the indecision of Diego López to score the third. There was still time to react, and Espanyol tried. Merino's expulsion pronounced the domination of white and blue, which ended all the meat on the grill: Plates and Puado added to Borja, Baptistão and Melendo. The clearest opportunities, however, were given by Dídac and Naldo. They were not even right.


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