Arrow Lake-S platform returns to Intel in 2024 desktop processor product roadmap

Arrow Lake-S news jumped out again, and Meteor Lake-S may now be gone.

Intel may have made some changes in the product planning of desktop computers. It was originally reported that Meteor Lake-S, which will be launched in the first half of 2024, may be changed back to Arrow Lake-S and equipped with an Intel 800 series chip motherboard; Meteor Lake-S and Arrow Lake-S are both Intel LGA 1851 pins.

The source simultaneously mentioned that Arrow Lake-S will maintain a maximum of 8P + 16E core configuration, and the 6P + 16E configuration of MTL-S will be cancelled.

The LGA 1851 pin position will continue until 2026, which means that the subsequent Lunar Lake will also maintain the LGA 1851 pin position.

On the other hand, this time Intel 800 series chips include Z890, B860 and H810 chipsets, and the H870 part is canceled; W880 and Q870 are respectively locked in the entry-level Workstation and commercial markets, both of which support Intel vPro technology.

This time, Arrow Lake-S will fully support DDR5 memory. The original memory part can reach DDR5-6400 MT/s, and the maximum capacity will support a single 48GB.

At the same time, it is also confirmed that the change in the number of PCIe channels reported earlier is correct, because the Intel Z890 can have a maximum of 60 HSIO channels, including 26 for the CPU and 34 for the PCH, and the B860 and H810 platforms have a maximum of 44 and 32 HSIO channels; Intel Z890 has 48 Total PCIe channels.

Intel Z890, W880 and Q870 have 8 DMI 4.0 channels, while B860 and H810 only have 4 channels.

The planning change of the desktop computer this time is likely to be that the Intel 20A process has completed the relevant process and has made considerable progress. After all, Arrow Lake-S uses the Intel 20A process, and the current expected launch time is 2024. semiannual.

There may have been some changes in Intel’s product planning for desktop computers. The previously rumored Meteor Lake-S, which was expected to launch in the first half of 2024, may be renamed Arrow Lake-S and paired with the Intel 800 series chipset. Both Meteor Lake-S and Arrow Lake-S use the Intel LGA 1851 socket.

According to the source, Arrow Lake-S will maintain a maximum 8P+16E core configuration, while the 6P+16E configuration for MTL-S will be canceled.

The Intel 800 series chipset includes three chipsets: Z890, B860, and H810, while H870 has been canceled. W880 and Q870 are targeted at entry-level workstations and commercial markets, respectively, and both support Intel vPro technology.

Arrow Lake-S will fully support DDR5 memory, with a maximum memory speed of DDR5-6400 MT/s and a maximum capacity of 48GB per module.

It has been confirmed that the previously reported change in PCIe channel numbers is correct. The Z890 platform can have up to 60 Total HSIO channels, including 26 from the CPU and 34 from the PCH. The B860 and H810 platforms have a maximum of 44 and 32 HSIO, respectively.

The DMI 4.0 channel numbers for Intel Z890, W880, and Q870 are 8, while B860 and H810 only have 4.

It is unclear whether these changes in desktop computer planning signify that Intel’s 20A process has completed relevant processes, as Arrow Lake-S uses this process. The expected launch date is in the first half of 2024.

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