ARS OI: 1 Reunion on 10 alcoholic drinks per day


In a poll published Thursday on alcohol consumption in Reunion Island, ARI OI indicates that one in ten Reunion consumes daily daily.

The figures revealed by the last survey of Public health France published by the Indian Ocean Regional Health Agency (ARS OI) are edifying: one Reunionese in ten consume alcohol every day The results of this survey published this Thursday, November 8 reveal the consumption habits of Reunion in alcohol, age and gender

Reunion, one of the regions where alcohol kills more

"meeting It is among the French regions where alcohol kills more, behind Le Nord and Brittany, with almost one in six deaths each year. It can be for interested individuals and also for those around them hard to know where is the boundary between a reasonable consumption, recreational and an always dangerous misuse, "underlines the ARS.

Not necessarily intoxication or addiction

The agency explains that this daily consumption during meal orstarter it does not necessarily imply drunkenness or addiction, while it wants to raise awareness of potential risks.

Increased consumption in men

In the details of this last barometer of health, consumption ofalcohol it is more important among men that in women, either episodic, regular orabuse.

Income-related consumption among women

To the women, the survey indicates that consumption is connected to income : Increasing income increases the risk of regular consumption or more episodes of intoxication.

Prevention and control instruments

To prevent and combat this scourge and the risks associated with consuming alcohol, theARS OI has therefore developed, "in addition to its preventive actions, dedicated communication tools to prevent, advise and sensitize the population. "The Agency indicates the availability of these tools on the masanté.re platform



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