Arsenal defeats Manchester United and Romeo mocks his father, David Beckham

David Beckham spent most of his professional career in the ranks of Manchester United, and to this day he still expresses his support for the club.
But all this did not affect his children as he had hoped. For example, his second son, Romeo, is an Arsenal fan after he played for a while with his brothers Brooklyn and Cruz for the club’s academy.
And Romeo, in turn, plays football, as he spent a year in the Arsenal Academy, and returned after a six-year hiatus from the game to practice it, thanks to his father’s investment in the American club Inter Miami, and today he is on loan to Brantford Club and plays for his second team.
And on Sunday, Romeo, accompanied by his father, followed the summit of the twenty-first round of the English Premier League between Manchester United and Arsenal, in which the “Gunners” achieved an exciting victory in the last moments, with a result of three goals to two goals, strengthening their lead in the league standings.
After the match, the young player took to the Twitter platform to celebrate Arsenal’s victory and mock his father, as he posted pictures of them together in front of the stadium and attached it to the comment, “Sleep well, dad.”

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