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Arsene Wenger Picks Up These Two Teams in the Champions League


Former Manager Arsenal Arsene Wenger led two teams in The Champions League. He also briefly discussed the current competitive situation in Europe.

The Champions League will start resuming this weekend after being suspended since last March. Four matches of the second leg of the last 16 will be held, viz Manchester City v Real Madrid, Bayern Munich v Chelsea, Juventus v Lyon, and Barcelona v Napoli.

Meanwhile, four teams have made sure they set foot in the quarterfinals. RB Leipzig faces Atletico Madrid and Atalanta meet Paris Saint Germain.

Wenger, who now serves as the Head of FIFA Football Development, championed one of Man City and PSG to become champions. Man City is currently in a 2-1 lead over Madrid staring at the second leg held at the Etihad Stadium, while PSG on paper is superior to Atalanta.

Specifically, Wenger said PSG had a pretty good chance to end the title wait, even though he said the team’s composition wasn’t as tough as a few years ago. This is because according to him there is a decrease in the level of play of the top European teams.

“When you play against Atalanta or Atletico Madrid, anything can happen. But for me, Manchester City and PSG are two favorites in terms of potential,” said Wenger Europe 1 as reported Metro.

“Apart from that, to be honest, PSG, I feel they are a little weaker than three or four years ago. In terms of overall composition, PSG may be somewhat more complete three or four years ago, in all positions.”

“The competition in his team is also stronger. But I think there is a general decline in the quality of European football at the highest level and they are still among the best two or three teams in Europe,” he added.

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