Arsyad’s motives and chronology are desperate to kill his biological father and brother

TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM, MEDAN-The sadistic murder committed M Arsyad Kertonawi against his older brother, Riski Sarbiani, and his father, Sugeng, shocked the residents.

This incident then stole the attention of the public on Jalan T Amir Hamzah / Jalan Wakaf, Sei Agul Village, West Medan District.

After the murder on Saturday (28/8/2021) night, residents flocked to the scene.

However, the chronology and motive for this murder are still unclear.

There are two stories why M Arsyad Kertonawi had the courage to stab his father and brother many times.

Chronology of Events

Number of residents interviewed said, this sadistic killing took place at around 19.30 WIB.

That night, Arsyad had reportedly asked his father for money for reasons of necessity.

But the father is said to have not given the money Arsyad asked for.

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“Because of money, bang. He asked for money, he wasn’t given it, then he made a fuss with his father,” said Adun, a local resident.

Somehow, all of a sudden Arsyad like a man in a trance.

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