Art News .. Abu Hashima appears after the mold of Ramiz Jalal .. Ibn Amr Diab smokes cigarettes .. The latest appearance of Fawazeer Ramadan Nelly’s star

“Echo Country” news website has published many important art news during the past hours, we review the most prominent of them through the following report:

The artist Rami Waheed published a picture of him through his personal account on the Instagram app, in which he appeared with the artist Nelly, the star of Fawazir the blessed month of Ramadan, during the nineties, in his latest appearance, after the news that was reported months ago about her retirement from art, because of her distance from the scene .

The artist Ramez Jalal published photos from the scenes of today’s episode of the dumps program “Ramez Majnoon Rasmi”, which was the victim of the artist Amina Khalil.

Abdullah, Amr Diab’s son, posted a picture of him via his personal account on the Instagram photo application, in which he appeared as he lit a cigarette and smoked it, in his first appearance while smoking cigarettes, which surprised his followers, who were surprised because his father does not smoke, and he loves to play sports.

The artist, Yasmine Sabry, published a picture of her through her official account on the Instagram application, in which she appeared with a summer look, in her first appearance after the mold of the program “Ramez Majnoun Official” by artist Ramiz Jalal.

The name “Al-Sisi” issued search indicators on the Twitter microblogging website, after the events of the fourth episode of the series “Choice” by Amir Karara, which deals with the life of the late martyr Ahmed Mansi, during the Ramadan drama season.

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