Art News: Radwa Al Sherbini comments Block Block video with Mona Shazly

The "M3com" program, hosted by the media Mona Shazly on CBC on Friday November 9th, will host Dr. Hossam Badrawi, his daughter Dalia and the announcer Radwa El Sherbini at 9.00pm.

During the episode, Badrawi expresses his gratitude to his daughter, who gives him pride every day because of his challenge and resistance to diabetes in a spectacular way, as he says.

In the second paragraph, he receives the announcer Radwa Al-Sherbini, who offers the "Heebs" program on the channel's CBC trip, in which Razavi comments on the video on the social network sites "Block .. Block" and stresses that it means inciting women to men, inviting them to live in dignity without derogating from their rights.

The journalist Radwa al-Sherbini is one of the bravest women who defends women's rights, the need to prove herself and fulfill her dreams.

In recent times, his name has often been cited by social networking sites and has received much criticism for his opinions, which some consider hostile to them.

Radwa El Sherbini has not entered the media sector recently, but has worked in the media for 10 years, but became famous after the presentation of the "he and the" program on the cbc Sofra channel.

Interestingly, the "with you" program is broadcast from Wednesday to Friday at 9.00pm.

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