Artificial intelligence can detect Alzheimer's disease first

Alzheimer's is a treacherous and incurable disease. Researchers now want to use artificial intelligence to detect early signs up to ten years earlier.

Researchers at the University of Bari (Italy) have apparently found a new way in which they can use artificial intelligence in the diagnosis of Alzheimer's, New Scientist reports. Early diagnosis can delay the effects of the disease, doctors hope.

An algorithm detects small structural changes in the brain. These are caused by the disease. AI is able to recognize these ten years before the first symptoms appear (memory disturbance, loss of speech).

Researchers have the computer according to the relationship with 67 MRT scans trained. 32 came from people with Alzheimer's, 29 from healthy volunteers. They were provided by a database of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. In a second round, those with more photos of MRT scans Fed.

Hit rate of 86% and 84%

The result: artificial intelligence was able to distinguish between a healthy person and one with Alzheimer's with an accuracy of 86%. The first signs understood that it was correct at 84%.

According to the researchers, it may even be possible for the AI ​​to detect the disease earlier, but more tests are needed.


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