Artificial intelligence is as good at detecting breast cancer as two radiologists, according to a study

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A program of Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems capable of reducing the workload of radiologists in the breast cancer screeningaccording to the first data from a study published on Wednesday, although it is too early to conclude on its effectiveness.

Conducted in Sweden and published in ‘The Lancet Oncology’, this study also concludes that there is no risk for radiologists to use artificial intelligence (AI) software to better target your analyses.

The researchers divided about 80,000 women into two groups of similar size. All of them underwent a mammogram, but the first group was screened conventionally, that is, with the gaze of two independent radiologistswhile the data from the second was examined first by an AI and then by a single radiologist.

The AI ​​assisted group did not register worse results and even a slightly higher number of cancers were detected.

On the other hand, the rate of “false positives” – cases in which the first test erroneously detects cancer – was similar.

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