Entertainment Artists clamoring for Hollywood to demonstrate the existence on...

Artists clamoring for Hollywood to demonstrate the existence on that black life is important

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More than 300 representatives of the stores of the Black, among them Idris Elba and Queen Latifa and Billy Porter, Hollywood to stop funding films about the company’s investment in content and anti-racism.

Attacked the group “Hollywood for the life of the black” in an open letter to “our allies in Hollywood” what it described as “the legacy of white supremacy” in the film industry she said that Hollywood “encourages the epidemic of police violence, culture, anti-market”.

Letter came in the midst of the fight the cultural and political in the United States, racism, the systematic protest and a rally on the killing of a black by police.

Among the demands specified in the message cancel operation of police officers in the telecine and the pressure on the authorities of the city of Los Angeles to the company’s budget.

The letter called for the industry of film and television to “end the praise on the police brutality and corruption in the book of movies” and demanded studios employ a greater number of black and give them executive powers and the status of the budget and approval of the business.

The letter, which was published Tuesday, “it’s time to think of Hollywood without them and bear the responsibility to repair the damage and become a positive participant in the change.”

According to a report on diversity in Hollywood published by the University of California Los Angeles in February, the 27.6% of leadership positions in the film industry in the year 2019 filled colored, which is almost three times higher than women in 2011.

According to the report, 91% of the heads of the film studios of white and 82% male.

Among the signatories of the letter groups make the case for black like “Black Live what you want” (the life of the Black Mission) and”Cal immediately Qing” (colored for a change) representatives and representatives from among them Viola Davis and Tiffany Hadzic and Janelle Mona, My were on lafy compare Cox and Cynthia are three Bozeman the hero of the movie “Black Panther” (Black Panther).

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