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Never has a French president crystallized such hatred around him. If Emmanuel Macron was criticized by his arrival at Elisha, the phenomenon it has grown considerably from the start of the mobilization of yellow jackets. And what initially was only a mobilization to protest the increase in fuel taxes quickly turned into an anti-Macron movement.

Insults and invitations to homicide

In addition to the affirmations of the demonstrators on the purchasing power is now added, on the signs, in the slogans, but also and above all on social networks, where the movement was born and structured, a call to the pure and simple resignation of Emmanuel Macron. Sometimes, references to murder slip into the midst of insults.

Sunday, just a foot in France when he returned from Buenos Aires, where he was for the G20, Emmanuel Macron went to the district of Arc de Triomphe, to see the damage of the day before. A few hours before, the famous monument at the top of the Champs-Elysées was covered with presidential tagsViolent insults, sometimes obscene, that showed a visceral hatred towards him.

Shades at each exit

By the time of his arrival, in the middle of the morning, the town hall employees had not yet had time to cancel these hateful messages. In several images, the President of the Republic appears in front of these graffiti that challenge him directly. A strong symbol Its movement in the streets around, to meet the forces of order and traders, it is punctuated by funs.

From 1 December, the detestation of the head of state is still mounted a notch, so that the tenant of the Elisha can not leave his palace without being whistled or insulted. A climate that forces his entourage not to announce his outputs.

This is what happened on December 4, during his secret stay in Puy-en-Velay, where the prefecture had been burned at the weekend. Coming to witness his support to the prefect and his teams, Emmanuel Macron was fischiosamente leaving the scene, from a crowd of protesters who had quickly gathered after hearing that the Head of State was in place. second the opinion, the accident was experienced as an "electroshock" in the building.

"Yellow jackets want his scalp"

Since then, several yellow jackets have said they want "Enter the Eliseo" this Saturday, during theAct 4 of the mobilization. "The yellow jackets want his scalp.There is such a hatred against Emmanuel Macron," summarizes an executive advisor quoted by AFP.

A tension that had never been observed before the Fifth Republic and goes beyond the hatred that could arouse Nicolas Sarkozy or François Hollande. This difference can be explained by the very structure of the movement of the yellow jackets, completely new.

"The forms of social protest against previous presidents have remained within the framework of organized structures, such as unions, parties, or even the Catholic Church in the case of Manif for everyone. There was a minimum of framing of speech, which did not push the logic of hate ", analysis for Arnaud Mercier, professor of information and communication at the Paris II-Assas University.

The word released by social networks

"It is a movement that carries the word of social networks, which does not present a frame of demonstrative discourse, so this word of the street corresponds in part to the excesses on social networks", says Arnaud Mercier.

"We know that the normal rules of civilization can be abolished on social networks.It is a word that frees aggression.The & # 39; ensauvagement & # 39; of the web becomes the & # 39; ensauvagement & # 39; of the speech of It is a transposition of what we read on the Internet for years, "says the specialist.

A character that crystallizes hate

But to this unprecedented structure of the movement is added a now installed detention of the character of Emmanuel Macron, considered arrogant by many supporters of yellow jackets. His little phrases distilled since he came to power ("People who are nothing", "Through the way, I find you work", "We have put a crazy money in social minimums", etc …) have been experienced as many situations of contempt in some French.

"This is all the violence of the return of the boomerang, paying extremely high prices for all that was perceived among the lower classes as traces of contempt," explains Arnaud Mercier.

And his releases are now directed against him, as evidenced by the tag "Ok Manu, we cross," observed Boulevard Haussman in Paris on Saturday, a direct reference to live reframing of a teenager from the head of statelast June.

Add to this an image of the president of the rich, who, like Nicolas Sarkozy, sticks to the skin of Emmanuel Macron. the ISF reform, one of the first steps taken by the president elected in May 2017, has contributed a lot.

"The feeling of contempt is mixed with a feeling of injustice, but these are the two most important mechanisms in triggering anger," says Arnaud Mercier.

Brigitte Macron has not been spared

Brigitte Macron does not escape the hatred that attracts her husband. "The first lady is prominent from the beginning of the five-year period in a fashion" glitter ", especially in the Paris Match pages, and claims to embody the elegance of French." She returns a & # 39; image of a rich first lady ", says Arnaud Mercier.

Among the protesters, the presidential couple is increasingly perceived as a real couple. And the recent expenses to redo the decoration of the Eliseo do not contribute to mitigating this perception.

"In the yellow jackets, there is globally an appropriation of revolutionary vocabulary," concludes Arnaud Mercier. "Brigitte Macron is Marie-Antoinette, who lives in her bubble, while we want the guillotine for Emmanuel Macron".


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