As long as Dad Lawrence is there …

While an increasingly persistent rumor suggests that Sebastian Vettel could join the F1 Aston Martin team in 2021, let’s make one thing clear.

The only way that would allow the quadruple world champion to wear the colors of this team, now known as Racing Point, is that the latter manages to terminate the contract (valid until the end of the season 2021) the binder to Sergio Pérez.

All those who believe that Lance Stroll, team-mate of the Mexican, currently occupies an ejectable bucket are in error. The arrival of the Quebec driver in F1 is the dream of his father, Lawrence, owner of the stable. If the latter acquired Force India in August 2018 with a consortium of business people, it was to make his son run there.

The Canadian billionaire has invested large sums in the lower ranks of motor racing to promote Lance’s career. Without the millions of dads, the cash-strapped Williams team would probably never have agreed to give it a first chance in 2017. Then, when the Force India takeover was concluded, it was written in the sky that son was going to follow him in this adventure in 2019. And that’s what happened.

No, Lance Stroll will never be fired. It will never be his father’s decision, but rather the son’s decision to quit F1. The Montreal pilot can sleep on both ears. As long as dad is there …

Finally a competitive car

One day, Lance will choose to swap her racing uniform to indulge in her favorite activities outside the circuits such as hitting the ski slopes without pressure in winter or playing tennis in summer. While accepting another role in his father’s organization. But that day has not yet arrived. Especially since, as in his last year in F3 (where he was crowned European champion), Stroll can finally drive a competitive car in 2020.

Everyone agrees that he delivered one of the best performances of his F1 career last week at the Styria Grand Prix in Austria when he finished seventh.

A loyal and well-off driver

However, the only valid option that would allow Vettel to stay in F1 is that of Aston Martin. The German will lose his wheel at Ferrari at the end of this season. Vettel would also be an unparalleled ambassador for the British brand, which is looking to improve its image.

On the other hand, Pérez is an important achievement and above all faithful to Racing Point. Not only was he the first to sound the alarm when Force India was on the verge of bankruptcy two years ago, but the financial contribution of his compatriot Carlos Slim, the richest man in Mexico, is an undeniable source of income for the team.

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