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As of today, patients at risk can check whether they are included in the early vaccination list. About 1.5 million Belgians would be eligible. Even though the website is already facing technical problems this morning due to the large influx of users. This way you check whether you yourself are on the list.

Until today 1.5 million Belgians have already received one or both doses of the corona vaccine. Last week, all health insurance funds drew up a list of all their members who, based on their medication use, can be considered as high-risk patients, Gudrun Briat, spokeswoman for the Vaccination Task Force, explained at the Crisis Centre’s press conference at the time.

From last Friday, the GPs could gradually add patients themselves who were not on the list. Physicians will be able to add people with rare diseases. In total, this concerns 1.2 to 1.5 million people.

Privacy guaranteed

In the meantime, the first invitations can leave from the vaccination centers, the intention is to vaccinate the first high-risk patients by April 15 at the latest. The selection will also take place here from old to young.

By the way, privacy is fully guaranteed, it sounds. The list only states whether you are a high-risk patient or not, and not which condition you suffer from, and they don’t even see that list at the vaccination centers. In addition, people under the age of 65 with no underlying conditions will also be invited for their vaccination, for example police officers and caregivers for their second shot, so that no one in the center knows who is at risk and who is not.

How can I check myself if I am on the list?

Risk patients do not have to do anything themselves to be on the list, says Briat. Everyone will be automatically invited. The task force therefore urges you not to start calling your doctor en masse now to ask whether you will be vaccinated as a priority.

From today you can check yourself whether you are on the list or not. For that you surf to, and log in with your email ID. If you are on the list, you will see it there. Please note, the site is currently difficult to reach due to the large influx of visitors.

If you are not on the list today, wait a while and check again later. The GPs have not been able to add all patients at once, although the intention is that the list will be filled to 80 percent by today, the rest in the coming days.

What if after a few days I am still not on the list, but I am a high-risk patient?

If you are still not on the list a week later, while you think you are indeed a high-risk patient who is eligible for priority vaccination, you can contact your doctor. Your pharmacist and health insurance company can also provide you with more information, but they cannot put you on the list, only doctors can.

Who is on the list of at-risk patients?

The Superior Health Council (SHC), an advisory council of experts, has advised the government on who belongs to this risk group. It is about people who are at greater risk of ending up in intensive care if they are infected with Covid-19. If you are dealing with one of the following chronic conditions, you will be vaccinated as a priority:

Patients aged 45 to 64 with:

• Chronic severe respiratory disease • chronic cardiovascular disease • obesity (obesity) with BMI ≥ 30 • diabetes type I and II • chronic nervous system disorders • dementia • cancer (tumors) no more than 5 years ago • elevated blood pressure at least 14O mmHG systolic or at least 90 mmHg diastolic

Patients aged 18 to 64 years with:

• chronic kidney disease present for at least 3 months • chronic liver disease present for at least 6 months • haematological cancers (eg leukemia) • Down syndrome • transplant patients (including those on the waiting list) • disturbed immune system ie suffering from an immunodeficiency or taking immunosupressants • active HIV / AIDS • Some rare conditions on the official lists of rare conditions

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