As Trump Considers at Wall 'Emergency,' Here's What It Means


U.S. President Donald Trump says he "absolutely" has the authority to declare to national resistance as a way of achieving his promise to build a wall along the border with Mexico. He is trying to end the budget standoff that he has led to a lengthy government shutdown without abandoning to a project he made the centerpiece of his campaign. , Say he's wrong, Opposition Democrats, who have been refused to authorize the billions

1. What exactly is a national emergency?

It's a declaration by the president that gives him special, a temporary power to deal with a crisis. In the past, most of these invocations have been related to the foreign policy, like prosecuting a war or responding to a global trade threat. International interests explain most of the 28 currently active national emergencies. On a few occasions, however, presidents have also used emergency declarations to further their domestic policy goals.

2. How would an emergency declaration help Trump?

In theory, it would let him redirect the money he wanted to get started on the wall. For the purpose of the United Kingdom. armed forces. The Civil War and the Civil Defense Funds and the Civil Defense disaster-spending bill passed by Congress that includes $ 13.9 billion in not-yet-spent money.

3. Would that free up money to build the wall?

$ 5.7 billion in wall funding more than half of the $ 10.3 billion appropriated for military construction this year and would mean sidelining politically popular projects. That could be $ 1.6 billion of that budget on family housing, $ 352 million for medical facilities, and $ 267 million on educational facilities.

4. Does this really qualify as an emergency?

Up to the president. Emergencies have been declared crises large (the Civil War, the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terror attacks) and small (remember the 1970 postal strike?). In 1976, Congress adopted a law to declare a national emergency. The Swedish government scandal, also demands that the president invoke the specific statutory authority for emergency actions.

5. Would an emergency declaration be challenged?

Count on it. Congressional Democrats have already said they would mount a challenge. Evan Hollander, spokesman for the House Appropriations Committee, said in a statement. The Congressional Research Service, in a Jan. 10 report, said invoking a nationality of novel legal issues, including Trump is addressing a problem that requires the planned wall would really "support such use of the armed forces."

6. What's happened in previous fights?

Court of Justice, President of the United Kingdom, President of the United Kingdom, President of the United Kingdom, President of the United Kingdom, President of the United Kingdom, President of the United Kingdom. Say so much to say that it would be difficult to predict how the case would be viewed by the current Supreme Court in which the Republican-appointed justices hold the majority.

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