Asensio left a very tender image when he returned to the Netherlands


Last Wednesday, the real Madrid He visited Amsterdam to play the round of 16 matches Champions League against the Ajax. It was a very special visit, in particular, for Marco Asensio, since he has the Netherlands as the second nation, since the other part of his family is Dutch.

All relatives of Asensio, were very happy to visit this, it was a very tender goodbye, since after the end of the game, context he said goodbye to them with affection. To play in that stadium was for Asensio very special, ever since he had gone several times to see him.

The Dutch grandmother of Asensio, arm, showed his enthusiasm for real Madridhe was very happy that Asensio played in Holland, and finally, he gave the victory to the real Madrid, having scored the second goal, which defined the final result of the game (1-2).

arm He said: "Eat well and rest well, I am very proud to be the grandmother of contextI hope to go again to Madrid see him play ", were the words that the grandmother of Asensio.



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