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Ash Ketchum He has been a character that has accompanied many since childhood. With his long career in the anime of Pokémon We have witnessed his arduous journey to become the Pokémon Champion since 1997 to date, passing through the different regions that constantly expand the vast world of the franchise.

However, since its first episode one of the biggest and recurring unknowns has been the relationship of Ash with his father. No information of any kind had been revealed about him, keeping his figure in complete darkness. Until now.

Last December 25th had its premiere in Japan the most recent film in the franchise titled Pokémon the Movie: Koko (also known as Pokémon: Secrets of the Jungle). In it, according to its director Tetsuo Yajima, Ash had the first instance where he mentioned his father.

Accompanying Size, young man living in the jungle with the singular pokémon Zarude and that he maintains a father-son relationship with him, Ash He had the opportunity to remember his experiences with his father. Especially from an occasion in his childhood where his friends made fun of him for his dream of becoming Pokémon Champion.

Ash He then mentions that his father motivated him not to give up and strive to fulfill his dream, ignoring the teasing of his friends. This revelation does not provide more details about the person, but it helps us to understand the importance that the father of Ash has had in his life and on his way to achieve his goals.

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