Ashley Graham – The supermodel with a sensational (and liberating!) Nude photo

Inot a summer without supermodel Ashley Graham (33) sharing a nude photo of herself, to remind us that we must remember to love our body – regardless of the number of stretch marks, cellulite or the size of the buttocks, thighs and waist.

GENUINE: Ashley Graham posted this honest and super hot photo of herself on social media. PHOTO: Screenshot / Instagram / @ashleygraham
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On her official Instagram profile, the American supermodel and mother of one Ashley posted a picture where she is sitting leaning forward, without a thread on her body. No retouching, no fixing in Photoshop, nor perfect lighting.

Completely clean, completely natural.

The selfie is part of a series of 10 photos, which she calls «Beautiful. End of discussion.» which can be translated to “Beautiful. Finished talking. “ in Norwegian.

Love yourself every day!

The other pictures in the series show different women showing off their shapes, and for the photo series Ashley has written a strong encouragement to her fellow sisters to accept and love her body as it is:

“Now that the weather is starting to get warmer, I know that many people are afraid to wear less clothes and show more skin. I hope these pictures of so many beautiful bodies can motivate you to love the body you have. Believe me when I say that your body is beautiful, and I know that it is easy to tell yourself the lie that you are not good enough, thin enough, sexy enough, “flawless” enough to wear a singlet or swimsuit . But it’s hot outside, and so are you! Do not let your brain stop you from enjoying life to the fullest (and remember to say “I love you” to yourself every day!) “.

And the picture series and the wise words she now praises for all over the world! The other beautiful ladies who have been selected for the photo series, who are women who have tagged Ashley in selfies they have posted to promote shapely bodies, are also praised.

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In the comment fields, there is an abundance of compliments and positive adjectives.

Will not be called plus size model

But it is not the case that Ashley, who has graced the venerable Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, walked the catwalk for major fashion houses such as Michael Kors, Dolce and Gabbana and Tommy Hilfiger – and was the first so-called plus size model to be on the cover of Vogue. It happened as late as 2017.

To WSJ Magazine she told in february this year that she dislikes being called a plus size model, but would rather be called a woman.

– I hate that I always have to discuss my body, because I do not know any men who have to do the same. What motivates me to keep talking about my body is that I did not have anyone who did it when I was young.

Ashley started her modeling career as a 17-year-old, and has since become one of the world’s most powerful supermodels – and she knows how to use it to promote body positivism.

– I do not like to post perfect Instagram photos. I want to keep it real and raw all the time, because I want people to know that there are women with cellulite, with back fat, with stretch marks. There are many shapely women, plus size women, plump women or whatever you want to call them, she told WSJ Magazine in February.

CATWALK: Supermodel Ashley Graham on the catwalk during designer Prabal Gurung's show during New York Fashion Week in February 2018. PHOTO: NTB

CATWALK: Supermodel Ashley Graham on the catwalk during designer Prabal Gurung’s show during New York Fashion Week in February 2018. PHOTO: NTB
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Ashley married filmmaker Justin Ervin (32) in 2010, and together they have one year old son Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin.

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